We’re home. Great weekend.

Jon’s mom made blueberry waffles this morning before we left. It seems like I haven’t had waffles (and syrup) in ages. I was a little shaky afterward from the sugar, I think … or maybe it was the large volume of coffee?

Or maybe it was a revolt from the pie + ice cream x 2 + waffles? I don’t know.

I didn’t eat lunch because we were driving home around lunchtime and I just wasn’t feeling like eating. We picked up some groceries shortly after arriving home … so that’s when my body decided to start starving, of course. I had the plastic thing in my hand to scoop some chocolate almonds – but I backed out as I questioned my gd sanity and eventually picked some pumpkin seeds instead.

Jon made a quick dinner for us – baked chicken breast (with a jerk rub and onion on top), steamed broccoli and a baked potato (white for me – with fage and jalapenos, sweet for them).

I’m feeling like I REALLY want sugar since I started that ball rolling this weekend. I was going to have a little bit of yogurt + fruit, but I’ve decided to just cut it off completely and go to bed early. Like now. No need to prolong it.