Today’s been busy – but very, very good.

We played most of the morning. Jon and I and his oldest son wanted to do something active, so we ate some breakfast on the porch …

… while Jon taught his son and mom about double unders – something he can somewhat do if he’s lucky (me? not so much AT ALL) …

… before the three of us headed out to a nearby park.

His oldest son is a big fan of parkour, so he did his thing (which I would kill myself doing) …

… while we jogged. We seem to have to do short runs pretty frequently at CrossFit – and it’s HARD because it’s uphill – so I’m planning to continue trying to make it easier by adding some jogging at home, too. I’m having a hard time making myself run up hills on my own, though, because it just sucks.

Lunch was a sandwich on an onion roll – OH MY GOD – fresh and doughy and so good … and watermelon.

I also had a piece of coconut creme pie.

We went to a movie (Knight and Day) before stopping at a hibachi place for dinner.

After that, we went to a festival/fireworks thing where I decided that today would just totally be my compromise #2 – so I ate some homemade peach ice cream.

And tasted some chocolate.

Seriously fantastic day. I’m exhausted.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my food choices given the situation and pretty happy that I made an effort to get out and do something active, even if it was pretty marginal compared to a normal day.