I barely remember yesterday – Friday – but I need to stay on track with the consistency and accountability – SO, I think I ate eggs for breakfast. I completely (and very strangely) forgot to take a picture, but I’m 99% sure.

I met Jon for lunch. We picked up a falafel wrap and a chicken shawarma wrap (restaurant = Mediterranean Delight in OR) and split them – and ate outside at a park since it was a beautiful day.

We drove to Atlanta last night with 3 of Jon’s kids + the dog. We decided to stop at chick-fil-a for dinner and to eat in the car as we drove to 1) make to Atlanta before freakin’ midnight and 2) prevent the dog from having a heat stroke in the car and 3) cut down on the cost of feeding 5 people. I had the usual salad even though it’s a pain in the ass to eat in the car.

Jon’s mom had popcorn and a coconut cream pie waiting for us, but I just laid on the floor and moaned about my aching back.

Today – Saturday – Jon and I woke up at 6 – as usual – WAY before anyone else. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how my life progressed and how (and why) I wound up at 272 pounds – so I’ve spent the free time this morning downloading and uploading a bunch of childhood pictures I asked my mom to send to me.

It’s been fun.

10 months old

3 years old

5 years old

1st grade

Maybe 8 or 9?

Maybe 20? (and probably up to 220, at least)

26 years old (and probably up to 240, at least)
Savannah, GA

I don’t know. I haven’t come to any conclusions about the weight yet, but it’s been fun to think about life, in general.

And just for the hell of it – Jon is SO effin’ cute.



Back later with food.