Jon made scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and jalapenos for breakfast this morning – something I really love – but I requested that a) he do mine after his (meaning not in the pan at the same time) because of the large amount of butter I saw in the pan and b) he exclude cheese since I’m limiting dairy and c) give me 2 eggs vs. 3.

Looks like a tiny breakfast in this big bowl, huh? It works, though. Keeps the hunger away in a way that carbs just can’t pull off for me.

I got to work this morning and was confronted with Krispy Kreme donuts. Chocolate covered. I don’t LOVE them, per se, but I definitely don’t hate them. I passed them up, though, with no problem because the thought of a sugar rush of that nature that early in the morning just was NOT appealing.

My resolve is always so strong early in the day. WHY DOESN’T IT LAST?

I packed some additional fruit with my yogurt this morning in an effort to eat the last (almost rotten) peach and to use up some strawberries that are quickly fading. This was likely too much for a mid-morning snack, for sure, but it was GOOD. I prepared it prior to my shower, so I froze it for a while at home and then packed it with the frozen things that go in my lunch bag. I really, really love semi-frozen (and frozen) fruit + yogurt.

Every morning I tell myself I’m too busy/rushed/tired to pack lunch, but (almost) every morning I end up throwing something together, anyway. This morning I grabbed the rest of the sugar snap peas and carrots, the last of the bell pepper strips I’d cut last week, a pickle, some turkey and hummus.

It was perfect.

Dinner tonight was spaghetti squash w/a chunky meat sauce (beef tips + onion + peppers). Very, very good.

I am very ready for the weekend.