Sometimes I’m really not very sure what I’ve done to deserve such a fabulous life. It’s good. I’m happy.

I ate a couple of eggs for breakfast. So shaped because Jon cooked 4 and split them with me. I decided to lay off the yogurt since I had so much yesterday.

Lunch was a salad – spring mix, carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, sprouts, jalapeños, leftover ground beef and hummus – and a peach.

We borrowed the fun kids again and went to see Toy Story. I had maybe 3 handfuls of our shared (amongst the 4 of us) small popcorn. I’m not in the habit of eating at movies, so I could have easily completely gone without – but it was good.

We were a little better with the food this time and didn’t feed them pizza + ice cream.

Jon made a lasagna early this morning – so we baked that when we got home – I threw together a salad, and we had some bread that we picked up at the (farm) market.

Friends (the parents) came for dinner and brought dessert – SO GOOD. They left some, but we’ve already eaten it all. I don’t know exactly what’s in it – strawberries and jello and cream cheese and cool whip and pretzels + butter (as the crust), maybe? Dangerous.


Such a fun day.