You know how I said I should have never brought cereal into our house? Well – bread is just as bad. I swear it’s insanely addictive. I go from not missing it at all to eating it with every meal after just one hit.

Yesterday’s breakfast was an egg + cheese sandwich.

Lunch was hummus + turkey.

(And fruit.)

The bread’s gone now, though. Definitely learned a lesson.

We had some fun guests for dinner last night, so we had pizza – a take & bake. 1/2 ham and sausage, 1/2 mushrooms and olives.

We took them to a park after dinner and wound up with ice cream, too. It might have been my suggestion and I might have reacted with complete surprise when one of the two initially said NO. Saying no to ice cream just isn’t part of my realm of existence.

In our defense for feeding them such junk, it was fun. Isn’t that what you do with kids who don’t belong to you?

Also in our defense, I did my best to convince them that frozen blueberries are better than popsicles because they make you strong. It really wasn’t hard.


Back to my normal breakfast this morning.

My schedule worked out such that I was able to come home and grab lunch. I’ve been trying to spread my lunches out each day so that I’m not starving at 3PM … so I ate the burrito while I drove back to work.

And ate the yogurt + fruit later.

And didn’t eat the salad at all – saved it for dinner.

Jon made chili tonight – bison, onion, red pepper, black beans, kidney beans, tomato stuff, spices.


I went to CrossFit this morning and am starting to feel it tonight. I had to run (jog/walk quickly, really). Up a hill. 3 times. (and it should’ve been 4!) I might be too whiny for this.