Jon woke me up this morning when he got back from his run to tell me – all hopped-up on adrenaline and excited – that he got to use his pepper spray for the first time today. I think he’s been itching to spray someone with that stuff since the day he bought it.

Apparently a dog (of unknown origin and breed) aggressively approached him on the street (in the dark) and didn’t back off – instead it charged close enough to him that he sprayed.

My first thought centered around hope that the dog’s ok (because it was obvious Jon was ok) … quickly followed by I WILL NEVER WALK/JOG IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD AGAIN. I think it’s pretty well documented that I have a freakishly bizarre fear of dogs that I have no intention to ever do anything about. I had JUST gotten comfortable (ie startle response low) enough to marginally enjoy walks/jogs around here. Jon will be lucky if HE ever gets to run again. Maybe now I’ll get my treadmill.

Today has been a very busy day (at home). We have less than 2 months to go before we (I) move and I’d like to leave the house and yard in good shape with the garage, basement, shed, etc. junk cleaned out and/or efficiently organized, etc. So … easy food today.

I should have never brought cereal into our house. Seriously. This stuff is the effin’ devil.

I’ve been eating it as a dessert and not as a meal (to combat sugar cravings with something other than ice cream), but I had it for breakfast this morning since I had a bunch of yard stuff to do. A million degrees + mowing + weeding does not combine well with eggs or anything else remotely heavy.

I love the ice cold milk + frozen blueberries.

Lunch was quick. Amy’s has the only frozen stuff I can do. This is the only frozen full meal I can do, though – the rest give me heartburn. I buy one a month or so and keep them around for days like today. (Burritos, of course, are another story.)

This is funny to me. I’d love to meet the person who eats just one.

LOVE peaches. So glad they’re back.

The farm we buy our meat from had a freezer sale the other day, so we made a special weeknight trip and stocked up on a bunch of frozen stuff – including bacon – and picked up some really fabulous looking tomatoes while we were at it, too. So … I went to the store today and picked up some bread so we could have BLT’s for dinner. I haven’t had a BLT in ages – and was actually a little nervous about it because it’s one of those things that I once threw up and vowed to never eat again. I think I’ve had one or two since I was a kid, so I didn’t exactly know how this would go.

My (extremely vivid) BLT memory? No drinking binge or flu or anything rational like that – I was simply scared because tornado sirens were going off and I was sure the tornado was about to wipe us out. (I was probably 9.) I threw up on the first day of school every single year of my childhood, too. It’s amazing I’m pretty well-adjusted and not popping xanax every few hours, huh?

ANYWAY – weird childhood memory aside, it was good.

(That’s beer in the background, not coke. I – personally – think they’re equally damaging. My sweet husband, on the other hand, believes beer to be “natural” so whatever.)

Definitely doing this again.