I never thought I’d find myself googling “chicken sex,” but here I am.

I’ve recently gotten a few chicken updates from my neighborhood email list. Apparently there’s some super excitement that an Urban Hen Coalition organized and has been pushing for the legalization of hens. Seems like they’ve almost made it … just one more City Council vote.

I don’t get it. I have no desire to clean up chicken shit in my small “URBAN” backyard to save a few bucks on eggs. I care about where my food comes from, but apparently I don’t care anywhere near enough to want to deal with it coming from my own backyard. I’m ok with that.

This whole thing irrationally irritates me for some unexplainable reason. I’m not sure why I even care since I doubt I’ll ever see one – my neighbor is too lazy to mow his yard … SURELY he’s too lazy for chickens – and I’d probably be all excited to see one, anyway. I have issues.

It prompted a pretty lengthy conversation wherein Jon and I learned neither of us know anything about the reproductive processes of chickens, though.

I’ve been feeling sick all week. I thought maybe I was just tired from the trip and from going straight back to work and having a lot to do each night, etc., but I woke up on Wednesday morning completely exhausted after having slept for over TEN hours (my standard is 8 ) and then felt so poorly all day that I was convinced I had the flu – until I realized it had been over three weeks since I’d taken any iron.

I have to take the pills right before bed because they make my stomach hurt, but I keep the damn things next to my bed in plain sight so I’ll remember. I realized this prior to bed last night … and talked about it … and STILL forgot until I was almost asleep. It’s a GD good thing I don’t have to rely on birth control pills, for sure.

I hate the hassle of the pills – primarily because I can’t just take them whenever/as I remember because of the stomach issues – but I don’t know what else to do. I try, but food doesn’t fully cut it.

Tonight’s dinner:

A pork chop from the farm people + kale sauteed with coconut oil, red pepper flakes, onion and S&P (that I didn’t eat much of because of the oil – counting points) + spinach from a can.

I am 100% converted to this whole farm thing. I have never been a huge pork chop person, but there’s a seriously big difference between the taste and quality of meat from the farm and meat from a grocery store. I’ve been thinking about where we might put a freezer (in the future – once I’m back in Knoxville) so that we can justify buying half a cow/pig or some other such nonsense … and I swear I never thought that would happen.