Well, we survived.


Last week almost seems like a dream – it’s hard to believe it even happened now that it’s over and we’re back to reality.

3,600 miles + 7 different hotels on 7 different nights was tiring, but the trip was freakin’ fabulous.


Our diet was disgusting. There were lots of small towns and a distinct
lack of options as we progressed into more isolated areas. Not surprising – but dang. It was bad. I didn’t
always make the best choices. I didn’t even always make marginally decent choices. I’m ok with that. Nothing I can do now,

This was – by far – the least active trip we’ve ever taken. I seriously
felt like my muscles were atrophying by about mid-week since we were in
the car for much of the time. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be up at 5:30 this morning, but I was SO happy to be using my body/exercising. It felt really
good. I’m planning to do something tonight, too, just because I feel
like I need to run or do jumping jacks or SOMETHING. I’m antsy today.

I know my body pretty well at this point – and I am (generally)
realistic about my actions, so I can usually guess my weight within
ounces. I predicted my exact weight this morning. 5 pounds up.

So, CrossFit.

I did 2 fundamental classes before the trip and did one regular day
this morning (though scaled for my ability). My thoughts
so far:

1) I really like functional training. I didn’t start exercising to lose
weight, I started exercising to be able to do “normal” things like walk
up stairs without dying. I didn’t know what functional training was
when I began, but I had that purpose.

(I once (in the very beginning stages of exercise) heard a trainer tell
someone that ellipticals are a waste of time because they don’t mimic
natural movement. I thought about that for about half a second and decided
not to use them – and haven’t. Irrational? Maybe. It explains my
thoughts/feelings re: exercise, though.)

2) I have always really liked weight lifting and have always wanted to do more.

3) I want to be strong. Professionally, most of my clients are
incarcerated – and I’m taking my career in a direction that will
hopefully have me continuing in that sort of environment (primarily with
clients who have been diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort).
I’m not typically outright frightened, but there is some anxiety that
comes when the door clinks shut, for sure. I want some of that anxiety
to stick around – and never want to develop a false sense of security –
but I also know that I feel slightly better now that I can at least jog,
if needed.

4) I need outside motivation/a plan/a goal. The YMCA is great, but I
don’t push myself – I did my last squat the last time I trained with the
trainer in December. Books have been good, but I feel like an idiot
trying to figure things out on my own – timing it so that I make it to
the gym when nobody’s there was becoming idiotic and too problematic. I wanted to somehow recreate what I had with the trainer, but in a way
that would require learning vs. performing on command as was my
inclination with her.

5) It’s intimidating. I know – without a doubt – that I wouldn’t be
there if Jon hadn’t done it first.

6) I couldn’t walk properly for several days after the first
fundamentals class that featured squats. I couldn’t roll over in bed,
either, without waking up in pain. See #3.

7) It’s apparent I don’t fall into the market they’re attracting. Additionally, some (well, honestly, MOST) of the stuff I’ve read on the internet
makes it seem crazy/fanatically cultish. So far, this has not been my experience at all.

8 ) Jon really likes it and I really like spending some of our (limited) free time together doing active things.

That’s it. We’ll see how it goes.