I had sort of a sad/emotional day that’s a result of stuff that’s completely unrelated to me – but that hits a little too close to home. My typical reaction when I get home from days like this? A STRONG desire to go out and make it all better in a restaurant. I enjoy the escape, the food, the time with Jon, the lack of household distractions, all of it. Can’t do it, though, every time I’m affected by something I hear/learn at work. I’d likely never eat at home. I’m glad I realize this, but I’m feeling a little pissed tonight that I’m not a naturally thin person who COULD MAKE IT ALL BETTER IN A RESTAURANT without outward repercussions. Damn. Even alcoholics get a few years before it starts showing. I gain OVERNIGHT.

We had a really great weekend. We didn’t do anything productive, but it was nice to be free to do nothing.

I was feeling extremely antsy to get out of the house and do something fun on Sunday afternoon (though we had been to a party the day before – idk what my problem was), so we went on a date. We split some fajitas and then stopped at a gelato place while we waited for our movie (Sex & the City) to start.

I’d never been to this place before and generally have very little idea about how gelato technically differs from ice cream, but it was good. I had a scoop of peanut butter and a scoop of something else that had chocolate and graham crackers. Jon had banana pudding and something else that tasted like chocolate with cinnamon, maybe?

We pretty much did nothing yesterday (Monday) other than go to the gym. Jon made a really good lunch and dinner, though.

Lunch was a sandwich made with lettuce vs. bread. It was messy as hell, but it was GOOD.

And cantaloupe.

He made ribs, fried okra and kale chips for dinner. I’m not a fan of wet ribs, so he created a dry rub and coated the ribs with his concoction of dry yellow mustard, curry powder, paprika, garlic and onion powder. The okra was breaded with almond flour (which doesn’t work well, but tastes good) and fried in coconut oil. SO. GOOD.

For dinner tonight, he made stuffed portabella mushrooms – stuffed with an italian sausage, feta, basil, onion, spinach, red pepper, garlic, egg combo.

Weeks he’s home have to be all about portion control.

I’m potentially going to crossfit with Jon in the morning. He hasn’t been in a while and is eager to get back – and I have totally FAILED at keeping up any kind of regular strength/weight stuff since ending the trainer in January. I hope I don’t die.