I was reminded via comment here (thanks Glenna!) that I am maintaining my weight loss. Seems simple, but I swear I needed that reminder. I recognize the importance of it on some level, but I don’t think I fully appreciate it.

You’d think I’d be hyper-aware of something so simple and would be more positive, but it seriously took an outside reminder for me to stop and think about my recent thoughts and emotions surrounding the last 30 pounds – and the apparent lack of thought and emotion surrounding the work it took to lose 80 something pounds.

I don’t necessarily forget, but I definitely (recently) discount how far I’ve come and am starting to think I need to spend more time focusing on the strengths I’ve gained that have allowed maintenance to be easy vs. the deficits that are stalling/slowing the remaining weight loss.

It’s just so much easier to bitch – and I’m really good at it.

Jon’s been out of town all week, so it’s been easy to count points and stay away from junk. I’m not so inclined to eat out without him – and I don’t do fast food (other than the occasional salad here and there) – and I am lazy. So … I’ve eaten bean burritos, eggs and yogurt + fruit for every single meal this week. Seriously.

I found Amy’s bean and rice burritos on sale for $1.99 and stocked up – and ate them for both breakfast and lunch multiple times. I ate eggs for dinner every night. I threw in yogurt + fruit here and there as needed.

Jon acts like I’m crazy when I tell him that I lived on frozen burritos and fast food when I was single – and when I mention that I have no problem reverting back to that (minus the fast food) when he travels – but it’s true.

The advantage? My points were the same each day – and I’ve apparently lost 4.5 pounds since Sunday.

I’m weighing every day (for now). SO many people advise against doing this, but I disagree – FOR ME. I need the every day accountability that will help stop me from keeping my head in the sand. Keeping my head in the sand = 272 pounds. Avoidance of the scale = reluctance to face my actions. The number matters TO ME in that it tells a story and reflects my week – there’s no denying that. It doesn’t ruin my day – or enhance it. It reinforces my actions and keeps me honest with myself.

I put the scale in a highly visible place and taped a calendar to the wall to record the weight each day vs. keeping the scale out of sight. Any avoidance of the scale will now FORCE to me think about why I’m avoiding it and what I’ve done to precipitate whatever feelings are happening. I can’t ignore it.

This works for me. I stopped because …. I don’t really know. I had a weight chart hanging up the entire time I was seriously losing weight and just got tired of bothering and started listening to other opinions about scales and weight, etc. I’m going to force myself to do this at least until I reach my initial goal, though – which isn’t far off. As of today, I’m 12.5 pounds away from that initial 100 pound weight loss goal. (OMG)

This week:
Sunday – 189.0
Monday – 187.5
Tuesday – 186.0
Wednesday – 187.0
Thursday – 185.5
Friday – 184.5