Today was fun.

We woke up and had breakfast – fried eggs.

Did a bunch of boring household stuff. Ate lunch – tomato/basil sausage w/peppers and onions.

Headed to the mountains by noon.

We had planned to ride our bikes at Cades Cove yesterday – early in the AM before they allow cars. I read about it online a few days ago, though, because I couldn’t remember how steep some of the hills are – big mistake.

I once spontaneously wound up hiking approximately 11 miles up and down Mt. LeConte on some random Saturday because Jon wanted to go on a “fun hike” and I naively thought he loved me enough to not want to KILL ME. Lesson learned: know what I’m getting myself into AHEAD of time – not 5 miles in.

Whatever website I read claimed that Cades Cove is hard for “weekend” bike riders, so I got a little nervous and we got a little lazy. The bike ride didn’t happen yesterday. I wanted to drive Cades Cove to refresh my memory and attempt to determine if I might be up for it on the bike – so we went today.

We had planned to hike while we were out there, but the traffic was ridiculous once we were in the park and on the loop. It took FOREVER to get through and adding 2 or so hours of hiking on to the trip would’ve pushed dinner really late and I’m counting stuff and not eating much and consequently starving most of the time – so I NEEDED DINNER. And I needed it on time.

We ended up stopping and taking a walk, though, and had fun taking pictures instead.

I got a snack from a store on the way home and had a little mini-breakdown when I read that the nuts were 170 calories for an ounce, but the crackers/pretzels were 150 calories for something like a cup. Also? Every single person had an ice cream cone but ME.

We came home and Jon made dinner and we watched 3 episodes of Glee and now I’m ready for bed.

The end.