Freakin’ fabulous weekend.

I graduated.



We celebrated.


(I think my mom’s trying to tell me something.)


A weekend of junk has screwed my stomach up, of course – detoxing now.

Breakfast this morning was typical – hard-boiled egg, yogurt/fruit:

I packed a lightish lunch – 1/2 a turkey/cheese sandwich on rye, cantaloupe and green beans.

Dinner today was steamed squash with a pork chop breaded (with almond flour + curry powder) and fried with coconut oil. I had no idea what I was eating when I started eating, so I was surprised at how much I liked the almond flour + curry powder + coconut oil combination. Very good.

This meal was prompted by a conversation we had with my mom this weekend. I claimed to have never had a fried pork chop – the whole concept sounded ridiculous – but my mom claimed we ate them all the time when I was growing up. I have no memory of any fried pork chops, but I’m glad we had the conversation.

I swear I have no idea how I ate nothing but crap for extended periods of time.

I’m back at work on a normal schedule for the next couple of months, so I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED to be able to have a regular gym routine. Up tomorrow – 5AM jogging. Not quite so excited about the time, but I definitely need it.