I really shouldn’t read my posts days and weeks after posting them. The grammar problems drive me nuts. Almost nuts enough to go back and fix it all, but that would be a tad obsessive – right? Post and ignore seems to be the way to go.

Jon had a physical today. I’ve been very curious about his cholesterol since he does the meat/butter/fat eating – but apparently it’s fine. It’s higher – overall – but not high, in general. It’s higher because the good numbers are higher because of exercise or something. I’m not even going to pretend to understand what it all means – he occasionally tries to explain the “good” and “bad” numbers and all that, but all I hear is lalalalalalala because I just can’t retain the info for some reason.

The doctor told him he’s perfectly healthy and to keep doing what he’s doing.

Jon says his cholesterol is doing exactly what he’s read it will do given his eating choice.

I weighed on Friday. 186.5. All five times.

I’m happy I’m still moving down … and sort of amazed I’m only 14.5 pounds away from a 100 pound loss.

I haven’t counted points since Friday. I sat around all weekend watching movies and eating a bunch of crap when we had to stop painting the house because of the rain. Turns out I really love Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream despite my claims that ice cream MUST contain chocolate.

Jon cooked yesterday – for the week. He made a pot of chili and a gigantic lasagna. We’re mostly planning to alternate this stuff each night since the plan is to paint and paint and paint and finish the damn painting. This is our attempt to prevent ordering pizza each night.

The lasagna is FABULOUS. The sauce is tomato stuff, peppers, onion, kalamata olives, red wine, spicy italian sausage … and I don’t know what else. Plus the cheeses – mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan. Plus whole wheat noodles. I started to break it all down points-wise, but I was feeling lazy. Honestly – I don’t care too much. It’s bound to be quite out of my range since the only lower calorie/fat thing I could talk into him into buying was part-skim ricotta.

Turns out we don’t have a good way to store and refrigerate a gigantic lasagna. We had to cut it up and cram it into a large tupperware container.

The chili is standard chili – meat, beans, tomato stuff, peppers, spices. Didn’t count anything in this either.


I thought the house painting would be miserable, but it’s actually not so bad. Other than the slight sunburn, I’m liking being outside doing something somewhat physical that doesn’t require any thinking. It’s a nice break.