I think I’ve turned myself into some sort of freak re: the gym. I walked in and stepped on the treadmill – for the first time in 2 weeks – and felt glee.

That’s the only appropriate word – one I don’t even like – GLEE. Who grins like an idiot the whole time they’re at a gym?

I guess I’m never going to be able to work out solely at home.

I counted WW points today. Will I keep doing it? I don’t know.

I know that I need some structure and accountability to lose the last 30 or so pounds I’d like to lose. I know that I’m heading into some free time that will allow space in my brain for counting and weighing and all the annoying BS that comes with WW. I know, without a doubt, that WW works.

We’ll see.

I mixed it up a little and scrambled my eggs this morning vs. frying them. Gotta keep it interesting.

Also – I’ve determined that I LOVE frozen blueberries. They’re pretty cheap if purchased frozen from the warehouse type stores, so I’m definitely planning to keep buying them that way – or will freeze fresh ones if they prove to be cheaper as the season progresses. They’re like little popsicles.

Mid-morning snack:

Lunch was quick because I wanted to go to the gym soon after eating. I generally can’t eat before working out, but this was light enough that it wasn’t too much of a problem.

I folded it over like a taco. I know I said I’m going back to carbs – and I have – I just grew so accustomed to not having bread that I don’t really miss it. So I don’t buy it.

I picked up some cereal for the first time in a long time today – cinnamon oatmeal squares – so I had a little bit of that for lunch, too, since I’m still having chocolate cake withdrawals from the weekend.

I was on my own for dinner tonight, so I made a quick salad with ground turkey (that I cooked with onion, peppers, garlic and chili powder), 1/2 an avocado, a few tomatoes and a spoonful of fage yogurt. I weighed/portioned the rest of the turkey, so I’m sure I’ll be having this again and again and again until it’s gone.

My snack/dessert tonight = prunes and ginger snaps – two of my favorite things.

Total points for the day – 25.5. Not bad. Except I’m starving.