Well, I think the worst of the stress is over.

I went to the conference and learned a bunch of stuff and hung out with Jon’s family when I had free time. I completed all the assignments that needed to be completed. I wrote all the stuff that needed writing. I flew up to Ann Arbor and found (and pre-leased!) an apartment. I’ve pretty much wrapped things up at work.

What I HAVEN’T done is make it to the gym. At all. Since the last time I posted, anyway – 11ish days, I think.

It happens.

I weighed the other day – 188.5. So … I’m maintaining with no problem. I was stuck at 192 for what seemed like AGES, but it’s looking like 189 is the new 192. I’m trending downward – SLOWLY – but down, nonetheless.

I expected to have gained since I’ve been away from home so much and have been eating away from home pretty much daily and haven’t exercised in what feels like a really long time – but I’m not sure why I expected that. I didn’t go crazy. I made decent choices – I chose not to eat the brownies and cookies that were available CONSTANTLY during the conference. I chose to skip the muffins and the bagels that were available for breakfast. I always choose water – so that continued. I always take the stairs – so that continued. Etc. I even passed up the bag of cheetos (one of my FAVORITE junk foods) that was sitting on the hotel bed when we arrived in Ann Arbor this past weekend.

(WTF is up with that, anyway? I swear it was just strange to walk in and find CHEETOS prominently displayed on the bed. I can understand cookies or chocolate, but cheetos? Just seemed weird and wrong.)

Anyway – I feel strange being in this free mode – not counting/weighing any of my food – and I can’t seem to really believe that it will be OK and that I won’t wind up back at 272. I don’t fully trust myself yet.

I’m enjoying the break while it lasts – and happy that I seem to have made true eating habit changes that will serve me well in the future – but I’m going to have to reign it all in very shortly and become a little more aware of my portions. I am not looking forward to it because I am just SO tired of counting calories/points, but I’m not at my goal weight. The long term benefit is worth the short term misery for me, for sure.

I dumped the pictures from my camera to see if I might be able to remember any of the past two weeks. Is it crazy that I remember events best by food pictures?

I had a great time in Atlanta. The conference was good – and I was able to spend one of the nights with Jon’s mom. She made a great dinner – salad, grilled pork chops and carrots – and we ate outside.

I ate at a little Greek place while I was down there that left me feeling sick, which is really unfortunate because now I’m wondering if I might be allergic to something. I have no idea what the problem could be since it’s pretty basic stuff (I didn’t eat the potatoes). All I know is this made me feel sick and I wound up with hives after the last time I ate the same in Germany. Most likely a coincidence, but I think I’ll be staying away for a while.

I ate a starbucks breakfast most mornings while I was in Atlanta. Seems like that thing was a whole wheat (?) english muffin, swiss cheese, turkey bacon and eggs. I don’t really know. I saw bacon, eggs and cheese and went for it. They had a continental breakfast available at the conference, but it was bagels and muffins each morning. I HAVE to have protein for breakfast. Period. I tried oatmeal since it seems to be pretty popular right now. Can’t do it. Left me starving. Well, that and I either have to train myself to like it plain or have to fill it full of sugary stuff to make it edible … and then what’s the point? I’d rather eat a snickers if I’m going to be hungry an hour later anyway.

No pictures from Ann Arbor because I just wasn’t in the best mood. Apparently I’m allergic to Michigan, too. I was sick within an hour of stepping off the plane and am still sneezing and hacking and generally feeling miserable. I haven’t had a cold like this in a very long time. Plus it was 40 degrees the whole time we were there which wasn’t really helpful for my attempted suppression of the fact that it actually snows sometimes.

What else?

My sweet boy turned 4.

I looked through some old pictures the other day and was shocked to see a reminder that Jon used to be 60 pounds heavier. I guess I’ve just forgotten we both used to be so different.

Henry & Jon

I had definitely forgotten how effin’ adorable Henry was. I don’t miss the training drama – and enjoy that he travels really well and is generally no “work” at all – but I swear to god that sweet little puppy picture almost killed me.