The next few weeks are going to be insanely busy/stressful.

I just got back (yesterday afternoon) from a conference in Nashville. I’m leaving again soon for another 3-day conference in Atlanta (plus a tacked on visit with Jon’s family). THEN, 2 days later I’m going to Detroit/Ann Arbor to find a place to live. Just did a phone interview this morning for a part-time thing in Ann Arbor (have I ever mentioned that I HATE the phone?). I have some stuff to write within the next two weeks that needs to be worthy of publication. Plus, I have several end-of-semester assignments due. Plus, I have stuff to wrap up at work since my last day is quickly approaching. PLUS, I need to finalize plans for a temporary job of some sort that will hopefully help keep me fed + keep me from going insane with boredom. Oh – and we’ve decided to paint our house ourselves – like now. And I have to graduate. And permanently move to Michigan in a few months.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for not only keeping on with the decent(ish) food choices, but for keeping on with the exercise, too (which isn’t really so hard since I love/need it). I haven’t had significant weight loss, but I haven’t gained anything, either. I’d be happier about this if I was 30 pounds lighter, but whatever. I’m hoping to regain some weight loss focus this summer when I can breathe a little since I’ll (hopefully) have just a job to deal with.

I’m starting to feel like I have control of the stress eating. I am experiencing stress – and I’m dealing. I might eat a pint of ice cream now and then … but I’m consistently ok more than I’m consistently using food to make myself feel better.

I tried on some size 12 pants at a store today and they fit. Neither pair was necessarily flattering, but I didn’t have to suck anything in or squeeze or anything like that – they were just a little too snug in the butt/thigh region. Bought a medium shirt – definitely a first. Also had to buy a bra that’s a size smaller, but whatever. I’m counting it as an overall success.

I didn’t eat until 1pm today because I was feeling nervous about the phone interview + busy, so my lunch was a combo of typical breakfast and lunch stuff – a bean burrito and yogurt/walnuts/strawberries:

We went to the gym when Jon got home from work and I ran on the treadmill (had been raining). The strangest thing happened, though – I had some kind of really intense cramp across my lower abdomen. It wasn’t a typical stomach or side cramp – I swear it felt just like VERY strong period cramps. I’ve never experienced anything like it while running so I stopped at 20 minutes. I walked around the gym and found Jon and warned him that I might be dying … then it just stopped. I ended up riding intervals on the bike on level 15 resistance for another 15 minutes, but never felt anything else.

I was tired and unmotivated, for sure, but I wasn’t THAT tired. Very strange.

Anyway – Jon cooked a quick dinner when we got home – salad + italian sausage/sauce/asparagus.


Not so sure I’m liking the tv situation. I stand around and talk to Jon when he cooks … my word quota is up by the time we eat – I have nothing else to say. What do people DO when they eat?