I’m exhausted.

We worked in our yard ALL morning – and most of the afternoon – and some tonight, too.

I have a slight sunburn despite attempts to prevent it.

Let’s see if I can come up with something positive to say …. We were active all day! The yard looks better! Jon cleaned out the pond! I cut a finger open AND have a blister AND still have tons to do! Oh, wait.

Jon made breakfast this morning:

And lunch:

Dinner looked the same, but less ham and more of that yellow stuff (squash casserole – made with ritz crackers and heavy cream and bacon grease and cheese and some squash thrown in for good measure).

I ate two peanut butter eggs, but Jon did THIS to his daughter:


I think it’s dark enough for tv. I seriously hope today wasn’t the directv cut-off. WHAT HAVE I DONE?