I haven’t weighed since last week – and I haven’t counted anything (food-wise), either. I took a break from actively trying to keep track of anything, and I’m glad. I needed the mental reprieve.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently discovered that I am not so much a fan of the intuitive eating situation that a lot of people appreciate and discuss.

(Most likely because I suck at it.)

It’s great – I’m sure – it’s just that my mind/body tell me sugarsugarsugarsugarsugarsugar if left to their own devices.

Also? I am lazy and busy and have been eating in restaurants fairly frequently lately. The only intuitive eating going on there is intuitively (? I guess) knowing that I shouldn’t follow through on packing on 500 extra calories of ice cream.

I think the phrase just bugs me – not the concept itself. Intuitive eating is just EATING, right? Maybe for people who don’t have the sugarsugarsugarsugarsugarsugar problem? I don’t know. I’m not sure that “making peace with food” has ever been my problem. I have peace with it. A little TOO MUCH peace.

We woke up around 6 this morning. I was up for good by 7, making breakfast.

I love these (Amy’s) things – primarily because I’m going through a phase where even frying eggs is too much trouble.

Jon had plain yogurt/mashed up banana/walnuts and a leftover (baked) chicken breast.

He ran around the neighborhood for half an hour or so – then we went to the gym together. I ran on the treadmill (can’t keep up with him on his runs) and he did weights. I did a little bit of weight stuff, but was anxious to get home and get some stuff done.

Lunch – post gym and yard-work, prior to a wedding shower = chopped pork and green beans.

I ate some (fresh) vegetables and nuts at the wedding shower I went to, but passed up the really fabulous looking cake without much trouble. It really wasn’t such a big deal to pass it up … (I guess I was at peace with not eating cake?) … I knew I had chocolate at home and might eat some of it – and didn’t want both in one day.

Jon made dinner tonight – grilled turkey burger and baked sweet potato fries.


I am LOVING the weather.

Also? We’ve temporarily banned tv each day until it’s dark. We have a ton to do, in general, need to be more active at night, and … I’m just over the tv. We canceled the much beloved satellite + premium cable channels + HD, too, and will be going back to basics once that kicks in.

The dog is thrilled with this turn of events, I’m sure. This poor pitiful face prompted a spontaneous walk around the neighborhood after dinner tonight.

I might (probably) seriously regret this next week, but for now? The tv is a time suck that we could stop – so we did.