Jon has been traveling for the past two weeks – home just on the weekends – and I just finished up a large project I’ve been working on since last August and have been VERY stressed about … SO …. we woke up on Saturday morning and spontaneously decided to throw our crap in the car and do something fun for the weekend.

We were on the road to Chattanooga – one of my absolute favorite places – by noon on Saturday (and had no groceries at home) … so we stopped and picked up lunch on the way.

I know a lot of people don’t agree with me about this, but the fried chicken + the bleu cheese dressing I added + croutons make this salad definite junk food, in my opinion.

I haven’t been to a drive-thru in a long time. A very long time.

We made it pretty quickly since we’re less than 100 miles away … and dropped the dog off at the hotel before taking our bikes to the riverwalk.

The park areas were packed. There were lots of people riding bikes. And flying kites. And rollerblading. And jogging. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

I don’t have a way to track it, but I estimate we rode about 10 miles. The hills + people/crowds made me nervous, but it was a LOT of fun.

(I am SO a numbers person and will be buying some way to track the miles from now on. Yes, I’m doing this for fun – but seriously – I’m a numbers/stats person all. the. way.)

(Also? I am totally going to buy a basket and figure out a way to harness the dog in. He would LOVE to be out with us on the bikes. I’ve looked up child helmets, but I think that might be pushing it.)

We got married in Chattanooga almost 4 years ago. Us + immediate family + some guy I found on the internet who could marry us. Right at this spot. So we stopped.

I am still so thankful I’m married to my best friend.


We took our bikes back to the hotel after a few hours and then walked to the bus that dropped us off in the vicinity of a bunch of restaurants … so we had dinner.

We split some nachos.

Hung out.

I ordered hazelnut crusted chicken + mashed potatoes + green beans.

Jon ordered shrimp & grits. (After much debate about whether we should split something like we usually do or just go WILD and get our own entreés.)

It got a little cold.

So … we got a dessert sampler thing to go. It got a little jostled on the bus ride back to the hotel, but it was worth it to be able to eat in bed watching stupid movies on tv.

The coffee could have been stupid – but it didn’t keep me awake at all. The sun + bike ride + HUGE meal + sugar knocked me out pretty quickly.


We went to a diner up the road from our hotel for breakfast this morning. I ordered pecan pancakes and got this:

I very seriously had a “moment.”

One day of junk is ok when FUN is the purpose. A breakfast of junk might’ve been fun – as I had planned/anticipated since we were at a diner and all – had it not been this BS.

I at least want my junk to be SOMEWHAT edible and of highish quality.

I ate it only because I didn’t want to be a complete bitch. And because I was starving.

We were hoping to ride again – or to at least hang out more – but it rained on us … so we loaded up the car and came home.


The rest of the day has been minor grocery shopping + DVR watching (finally watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Rev – speechless, but also? I’ve been the person with the freezer full of pizzas … not sure how I feel about it yet. Dramatic, yes – but interesting.).

Jon made chicken chili for late lunch/early dinner.


I’ve probably gained 5 (temporary) pounds, but I’m fine with that. We both needed a weekend of fun with no worries about how many calories we’ve consumed or about whether we’ve exercised/gone to the gym.

We just needed a complete break. Balance is SO important – for sure – but so is LIVING.

I’m hoping to make it through the night without puking – my stomach just can’t take the multiple/back-to-back heavy + junk(ish) meals I’ve inflicted on it this weekend and has officially rebelled. Will be resetting my eating in the morning, but damn. Fun weekend.