So, what happens when two people have been cooped up all winter dying to be outside doing something active (other than godforsaken yard work)?

They flip out on the first warm/sunny weekend day of the year and make a big purchase (somewhat) on a whim.

We’ve had two bikes in the garage that we’ve been talking about “fixing” forever – a “performance” (I have no idea what that means) bike that Jon’s had for 15-20 years that he hasn’t ridden in ages, and a bike that Jon’s mom gave to me (temporarily) a few years ago that I’ve never ridden. We finally took them to a local bike shop yesterday to have them evaluated/tuned up/aired up because it was a gorgeous day and it just seemed like the thing to do.

We were told Jon’s bike is definitely worth repairing/tuning up, but I was told that mine doesn’t fit me.

We left both to be tuned up, but looked at the shop’s new/used ones, too … and they were pretty and I know you get what you pay for and all that … BUT … $1000 for two bikes that might end up in the garage after I’ve broken an arm and/or decided I hate riding, in general, after I’ve tried it? Not happening.

I grew up riding bikes. I rode my bike to school, all over my neighborhood, everywhere. I have not, however, ridden a bike in over 10 years. There is just no way in hell I can justify that kind of cash for something I’m not sure will be worthwhile – and I am a MASTER at justification.

I would’ve happily bought a bike from the shop if they’d had a used one even close to my price range … but we ended up at Target, where we both bought bikes that A) we could afford and B) I can tear up as I learn how to ride – because seriously, I don’t even know how to change gears.

I like mine.


It was dark by the time we got home with the bikes yesterday, so we had to wait until this morning to ride them. Jon spent a couple hours messing around with them and fixing stuff – then we had to buy the helmets – then I FINALLY practiced in the neighborhood and in a nearby grocery store parking lot.

I was feeling nervous about the cars – and feeling like I might need training wheels – so we loaded them up and went to the greenway.

(So we’re up to helmets + rack + tire pump so far for this new hobby.)

Had to wait for the rain to stop. Yes, we were THAT excited.

We ended up riding just under 5 (very wobbly, for me) miles on the greenway. I was scared – and I rode the brake going down almost all hills – and I just about died when a squirrel ran out in front of us – but it was good practice.

I have pretty vivid memories of riding my bike to my elementary school – all anxious each day because what if the rack was full and there was nowhere to lock it up and OMG I’d have to go back home and MISS SCHOOL. I remember that the bike riders wore a path in a cotton field that we cut through (and I wonder now if I’ll eventually develop some dreadful disease from all the crop dusting I was exposed to as a result of living/playing right in the middle of two cotton fields). I remember that I had a lock with pink plastic over it for most of my elementary school years. I also remember that I never wore a helmet. Nobody did – as far as I can recall.

I value my brain a little bit more now, but I had no idea what to buy, where to buy it, how it’s supposed to fit, etc., so I googled and bought one and am hoping for the best.


I’m really glad we decided to do this. Kinda sucked that it was rainy and cold today, but it was SO MUCH FUN – in a terrifying (to me) sort of way.

I’m hoping that this will be really fun way for us to be active together this summer – and hoping that I don’t kill myself.


I did the jogging thing in the neighborhood yesterday and will admit that it was harder than the treadmill – Jon might not be totally crazy – but I will also admit that I am SO going back to the treadmill this week when I’m doing it alone.