I had a (mostly) free day today, so I spent it cleaning and organizing stuff – some of my favorite things to do.

My house is never so clean as when I have a deadline/due date looming. It’s almost better for stress relief than exercise.

We recently decided to get rid of a bunch of our books – and to keep only what will fit on 2 bookcases (a very hard/UNPLEASANT thing to do), so I went through some of the stuff today and found a cookbook that I believe Jon’s mom gave to us at some point (maybe to get rid of it?).

It is so totally adorable.

But yeah – published in 1959.

Wonder what cookery for men might be?

I can’t decide which of these best represents my impression of the 1950’s. The recipe good for “meeting” days …

Or the “fried devil dogs.”

It’s definitely a keeper for the desserts (seriously, I LOVE homemade pies/crust – not that I’VE ever made one before – but you never know) … and because it reminds me of my grandmother and all the meals that got me into the weight mess I’m in, but that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I miss big meals with my family and I miss my grandmother’s food and I miss the time it took to prepare everything and the time it took to put it all away and the TIME, in general, that allowed lots of conversation and connecting. I might eat “better” now, but I eat mostly alone – or in front of the tv/computer, mostly in a hurry and mostly to sustain life. It’s not really the same.


I ran for TEN straight minutes today. I’m pretty happy about that considering it wasn’t so long ago that 90 seconds of jogging left me feeling like I might puke. Definitely making progress.

I started out planning to repeat the first day of week 5 of the C25K thing (5 min jog, 3 min walk – repeat x 3), but I also started out feeling like interspersing the walking is messing me up. I felt ok at 5 minutes – so I skipped the first 3 min walk and went straight through. I wish I had skipped the second one, too, because I felt like I lost my rhythm or something – and it was SO hard to start again after slowing down.

I think I’m going to try to jog 15 minutes on Saturday without stopping to walk and see how it goes.

(Yes, I know I said I was going to repeat the weeks, then said I wasn’t, and now just did – I really am as wishy-washy about this – and most things related to food and exercise – as I sound. I like to think of it as flexible and open-minded. Sounds nicer, anyway.)

I have no plan to ever run longer than 30 minutes, but I’m liking the challenge of getting there. I’m liking that this is so hard for me. It sucks – but it’s been worth it so far.

I did the strength stuff, too, after the jogging (which I did on a treadmill – and which I’ve decided Jon has lost his everloving mind about – seems the same to me but I guess we’ll see on Saturday when I’m back to the neighborhood).

I increased the seated rows to 70lbs and the dumbbell step ups to 20lbs each – but I’m still not really feeling challenged enough. I have felt NOTHING after doing this stuff, either. I’m used to some sort of soreness – maybe I should just keep increasing the weight? I don’t know.

I’m curious to find out what my “official” weight will be tomorrow. I weighed last weekend and had somehow lost 1.5 pounds almost overnight – so we’ll see. I hope I at least maintained THAT.