I was invited to a strength class at a gym yesterday – I jumped on that, of course.

Oh. My. GOD.

I have definitely lost some ability throughout the past 2 months of decreased (ok, almost nonexistent) training. I thought my freakin’ legs were going to explode during some lunges, which is pretty rare for me.

I went to my gym with Jon an hour or so after I got home from the class, but felt like I’d lost the ability to properly move my arms and legs … so I just did the bike and read a book – something I can do only if I’m exerting no real effort.

Today I struggled to stand from my chair to walk to the bathroom after about noon AND it was a jogging day.

That was a special kind of hell.

I picked up The New Rules of Lifting for Women yesterday (after Tess mentioned it), so I started that on the bike last night. I haven’t read much yet, but I like it so far. I definitely agree with the premise that women should be lifting like men, but I haven’t decided yet if I’ll read the nutrition stuff.

I swear I am just OVER reading about nutrition/food. I feel like I don’t want to read one more damn word about what I should be doing. I flipped through the recipes and found that most fall in line with the way we eat, so I don’t know.

I know one thing – I hate recipes. Well, two things. I hate to cook, too. Anything with more than 3 ingredients gets immediate dismissal from me, so I doubt I’ll actually utilize anything I saw. Jon might, but he generally just quickly makes stuff up.

Dinner last night – frozen beef, onions, a container of spinach and garlic thrown together and consumed within 10 – 20 minutes after we got home from the gym.

Dinner tonight – he threw together some sort of stir-fry – chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, a sweet potato, coconut oil, a little soy & fish sauces, some vinegar, curry and red pepper flakes. (YUM! He worries that his dinners will be gross since he just makes them up as he goes, but they never are.)

We (I, mostly) generally just don’t have the time/patience for lengthy recipes or drawn out meals.

Anyway – I’m hopeful the book will lead me in the direction of a regular strength routine but doubtful I will care about the food stuff.

Have I mentioned that I almost boycotted The Biggest Loser a couple weeks ago or so after one of the men made some offhand remark about having an opportunity to take the lead in the group (since he’s the only man – implying that he’d be the leader SINCE HE’S THE ONLY MAN) … and the show decided to run with that? Yeah. I am not so rational about those kinds of things. I can overlook crazy practices, ridiculous product promotions and high levels of drama, but that comment/implication? Not so much.

I think this probably ties in nicely with my belief that women should be lifting like men – and might mean that my opinion is less bio based and more uhhh … opinionated.

I’m losing (free) access to my gym in May, so I’m stressing.

We’re working on the work out room in our house, but I’m still not sure how that’s going to turn out – primarily because everything is so effin’ expensive, but also because I question my motivation and my ability to push myself at home … where it’s much more fun to watch tv or read blogs or clean the bathroom or do whatever other excuse I might create.

I waffle between wanting to move toward not needing access to a gym AT ALL and feeling weird/nervous about having nowhere to go.

I am not willing to sign a contract to join a gym, so the YMCA is likely the best solution for us. The nearest location is the downtown location … which doesn’t meet my standards because the parking is a pain in the ass. (My standards are low – just has to be easy to get to/park at/enter.)

We checked out a different location back when I was having a hissyfit of some nature a few months ago, but it sucked. Today, though, I discovered a location that I’d overlooked before (on the website – oh, yes, I am a skimmer), so we toured it tonight after we did the jogging thing – and found that it’s actually very nice/convenient.

I was pretty excited about this gym – so much so that I had to stop and question my sanity – so I think it’s probably the route we’ll go.