So. This morning Jon and I had a little “conversation” about how we’re going to move forward food-wise.

He is not happy that I’m not on board with the primal stuff anymore – and I’m just not willing to go back (right now).

I am in full agreement that it’s a great way to do things, but I can’t see myself sustaining it over the long-haul.

Restriction doesn’t work for me. I quit drinking coke because I started to feel grossed out drinking something so unnatural. I haven’t eaten junky fast food in ages because I recognize that it’s just ridiculous. I quit eating most processed foods because I understand they’re not optimal.

They’re choices based on a changed mindset – NOT restrictions.

I am 100% ok with beans and fruit and corn and sweet potatoes and limited amounts of grains, and I don’t see that changing. I don’t think it’s reasonable to give up all – or even most – carbs/grains forever.

Jon’s issue is my concern with calories and my continued belief in the whole “calories in/calories out” concept. The thing is – that’s WHAT WORKS FOR ME.

(What really works is weight watchers, which is – like calorie counting – admittedly restriction of some sort. Maybe it’s a mind thing since I don’t feel restricted?)

I don’t know how we’re going to resolve this issue. He doesn’t want to count calories or be restricted (re: calories/fat) in any way when he cooks. I don’t want to eat 5,000 calories worth of butter in a given meal.

We started this whole thing together and have approached it all as sort of a team effort. Now? We’re going down different paths and trying to figure out how to make it work – at least until I reach my goal and can back off on weight loss.

I lost just half a pound last week. I have been tracking my calories and had a week identical to the previous one … just didn’t do as much cardioish exercise.

I’ve been eating approx 1750 calories per day, which was apparently fine if some sort of cardio happened each(ish) day. A busy week with less exercise = 1.5 pound weight loss difference, though.

So … I’m tweaking the calories and dropping it to around 1500 – 1550 regardless of exercise. The actual calculation (for me to lose 2 pounds per week) based on “light” activity is 1495, so I’m thinking this will work. I’ll evaluate again if I’m just starving every day.

I’m not willing to cut it below 1500 because I would become homicidal.

I’m doing week 4 of the C25K again (and am thinking I’m likely going to do each week twice since I feel no rush to progress rapidly). Still hate it. The only positive it’s got going for it right now is it’s fabulous outside. It was 67 degrees when we jogged around the neighborhood earlier.

I’m going to freakin’ DIE if I don’t start some kind of regular/consistent weight training again ASAP, though. Like, for REAL.

My breakfast today was typical. Took these yesterday, but I ate the same thing this morning. I’m not a big fan of breakfast variation.

Lunch was a salad with 1 T of some oil/vinegar dressing, a small can of tuna plopped on top, a babybel and an apple.

I ate a snack when I got home from work – about an hour and a half prior to jogging. I usually can’t eat/drink at all before any kind of exercise, but I was starving, so I risked it.

I’m going to give up the Boca/soy. I went back to it because it’s easy – but I’ve paused every time I’ve gotten the box out because of the ingredient list. It’s just not worth it. Also? This snack looks a little too brown, I know.

Jon made dinner tonight – shrimp curry stuff. We had another “conversation” when I discovered that the can of coconut milk alone is 651 (!!!) calories. I drained all the liquid from mine and kept the calories reasonable. It’s shrimp, peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.

2 months ago I likely would’ve eaten half of the coconut milk (and loved every bit, for sure) … but I just can’t. I’m NOT ready to maintain yet.

I’m at 1405 calories for the day and I’m ok.

I checked my blood pressure yesterday – 115/76, I think. My resting (sitting in a chair working) HR was 57, though, which I’m happy about. I think it’s very safe to say that’s a pretty radical improvement.