Well, I’m on week 3 or 4 or something of stopping the primal situation and I think I’ve pretty thoroughly let go of any carb/grain hangups that were lingering. Jon has been out of town a lot lately, so I’ve just sort of let myself gravitate back to whatever seems right … and I’ve been happy with that. Given freedom to choose whatever – looks like I choose something completely unlike the path I was forcing myself down. I haven’t added a lot of processed stuff (and won’t) … I’ve just gone back to beans/lentils and eggs as my primary protein sources.

I feel like shit most days, but I’m chalking that up – right now – to stress and to the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in what seems FOREVER. I’ll evaluate the situation again in a few weeks.


I still haven’t figured out a regular weight/strength training situation – and it’s bothering me. I miss it. I’ve been doing the C25K thing, and I’ve been going to the gym and doing other cardio stuff on machines, but I haven’t been doing any decent weight/strength stuff outside of pilates.

My solution? I moved my desk and all of our office crap into our bedroom and I’m thinking about turning the office into a work out room. I haven’t priced everything yet, so I don’t know how it’s going to work out (meaning it might be a very long term/ongoing thing) … but that’s the plan for now. I’m not going to do the weight stuff at the gym – it’s just not happening. Jon’s on board, but he still refuses to be ok with a treadmill (I am relentless). I believe his statement as we were IMing earlier was “fuck the treadmill.” (Yes, family, I have corrupted him. His language is as bad as mine.) He claims I’ll never be able to keep up with him on the road if I buy a treadmill. I say it’s better than NOTHING.


The nothing part comes in because I don’t like doing this jogging thing alone. I was supposed to do it today – and was going to – but I opted for the stair thing and the bike at the last minute instead. He travels all the dang time … and some weeks I’m ok to do it alone. Others? I need motivation via another person.

Anybody in the Knoxville area reading this? Want to jog slowly/walk quickly with me? I’ll start over with week 1. I promise not to cry/whine. Much.

I haven’t been so good with the food pictures lately. I have my camera with me a lot – just lazy. I had it with me on the way to the gym today.

It was raining, which sucked.

I found parking. In the highly coveted parking lot near the place. And it was after 5 so I could park in a staff spot.

It’s the little things.

I looked like an idiot with two watches since I was planning to run when I went. I’m too cheap to buy an expensive HR monitor/run tracking/watch combo thing, so this is my solution. A watch to keep up with my time, and a separate HR monitor because I like to monitor that kind of thing as a (mostly pointless, but interesting to me) measure of progress/ability. The HR monitor might keep up with time as it’s telling me my HR – I don’t know. They have different times because I didn’t bother with the daylight savings time change for the HR monitor whenever it last happened.

The stuff I generally take – ipod, water (that I never drink) and wallet (not a purse person). And the camera case.

Jon’s pants and hoodie and a t-shirt I’ve been working out in forever.

Thrilling, huh?

I would say I’m bored, but that’s a lie. This is procrastination at its best.