I should be getting ready to leave for work, but I’m procrastinating.

I weighed this morning: 189.5. A 2 1/2 pound loss since last week. Not unexpected since I’ve been counting calories, but a little higher than I thought it would be. I expected 2, but didn’t factor in any exercise – so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I am on a 2 week streak of consistent 2+ pound weight loss, so I am happy … no – OVER effin’ JOYED – that I stopped with the carb worrying and have gone back to doing things the way (I think) is best for me. Portion control and consistency are key, for sure, but still … I did NOT consistently lose weight doing things the other way.

I think I’ll refrain from discussing the fact that Jon lost almost 10 pounds this week.


I’m still eating my standard breakfast. I like my routine.

Lunch today is going to be leftover chicken, onions and peppers (from last night):

This stuff:

And some leftover rice:

All thrown together in this wrap:

Plus an apple:

And maybe some ginger snaps at some point:

The wrap might be a little dry since I don’t plan to use any cheese or sauces or anything like that … but I’ve mostly weaned myself from them. I used a little over a tablespoon of oil/vinegar on a salad the other day and felt like it was drenched. So weird given my previous habits, but I’m glad I’ve done the weaning.


I have one day left this week of week 4 of the C25K thing. This week I’m alternating 3 minutes of jogging, a little bit of walking (can’t remember – maybe 90 seconds?), 5 minutes of jogging, a little bit of walking – repeat. So … 16 minutes of jogging broken up a little.

I was pretty thoroughly convinced that there was no way in hell I’d be able to make the last 5 minutes of jogging (and, ok, I was pretty iffy about the first one, too) – but some sort of miracle has occurred. I’m still living.

I’m pretty slow, but I can do it … and I see progress. I’m happy.


Work time.