I just went back and read what I wrote on Monday. I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling MUCH less crazy.

This week – I went to pilates twice, did my C25K thing (did part of week 3 for the 3rd time – I’m moving ahead tomorrow), went to a gym with a friend and went to my gym a couple times.

3 weeks away from pilates was a huge mistake. I’ve been taking aspirin and ibuprofen for days to prevent my lower back from making me want to kill myself.

It looks like daily exercise is a requirement for me if I wish to remain sane. 1 week of nothing just about did me in.

My weight jumped from it’s very familiar 192 range all the way to 195.5 after I’d been home from Germany for a week and spent each day of that week sleeping/eating out/feeling crazy.

I know I said I was going back to WW points counting, in general, but I honestly haven’t had the time or energy to mess around with that. I HAVE been counting calories, though, since Monday. It’s been much easier/faster, and it serves the same basic purpose – portion control. I’m back down to 192 after just a week, so I feel ok about it.

I’m still eating carbs – and I feel great. I ditched the cereal and the Lean Cuisine meals because I just couldn’t handle them (for nutritional reasons other than carbs), but I’m eating things like rice, lots of beans, (frozen) burritos, homemade wraps, potatoes, and small bagels or buns of some sort here and there. Also? I’m back on the tofu/soy wagon.

I’m happy.

Jon thinks I’ve completely lost it.

(He ate at a vegetarian restaurant with me yesterday, though, and didn’t bitch even though he had few options. My chili (tofu) dog + bun + potato salad – that he wouldn’t even try – was really good. Definitely his loss.)

I’ve been flip-flopping and eating eggs (with yogurt+fruit) one morning and mini bagels with PB and plum jam the next.

So far – I can’t tell a difference as far as hunger goes.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson over the past 6 months. I know myself and my body … and I know what works best.

I regret that I’ve wasted so much time following diet/food recommendations that just don’t work for me.

Jon brought a present home for me from Quebec. It’s a great example of what I’m NOT eating. Going back to carbs does not = going back to eating nothing but shit.

Not sure I understand the point.

They taste like … nothing.

This is the scrap that’s left over after the manufacture of the wafers that are used during Mass.

Sold as food.

Someone Jon was with bought a case. Seriously.

I don’t feel judgment – just confusion.