Well, I’ve been in the US since last Friday night, home since Saturday afternoon – and my sleeping pattern is just now normalizing. I had no problems whatsoever adjusting in Germany, but I’ve had a hell of a time adjusting at home.

Friday was a wash since I was just flat-out delirious from a 10 hour flight and 6 hour time change. Saturday was ok – we woke up at 4:45am, but we stayed up all day and made it until 10:30pm or so because we had company. Sunday was bad. Up early again, and in bed at 5:00pm for a “nap” that we both knew was a bad idea. We woke up again at 3:30am and I was up for good by 4:30am – great way to start a Monday back at work. Last night I made it until 9 despite desperately wanting to go to bed at 7 – so I think I’m finally ok. I’m liking the early (meaning 5ish) mornings, so I’m thinking I’m going to hang on to that aspect of the situation.


We haven’t done a damn thing since we’ve been home re: exercise. I was supposed to pick up where I left off with the C25K, but eh. I’ll get around to it. We skipped pilates on Tuesday night because I had a volunteer thing to do and didn’t make it home in time. No Shred dvd. No gym. Nothing. Last night we went out to dinner because we didn’t feel like doing the dishes that were still in the sink from the previous night. Nice, huh?

We’ve both been tired and busy and just generally lazy since we’ve been home (although, to be fair to myself – I came home to deadlines rapidly approaching and a school semester to catch up on and major life decisions to make, etc. Lazy goes only as far as exercise. And the dishes.).

We have plans to work out each day, but we scrap them each night when we come home exhausted. I know I should do SOMETHING, that I’d feel better, etc. Realistically – it’s easier to give in to the desire to sleep when all the other crap is done. It’s a priority issue, for sure.

I’m starting to feel very cranky and achy, though. I can’t go much longer. I’m ready for normalcy. I miss it all.


I’m going to weigh tomorrow and continue with the little challenge we created for ourselves. I came home weighing just about the same as I did when I left – very minor fluctuation. Jon, however, came home 5 pounds heavier – which he directly attributes to all the carbs. It’s gone as of this morning, though, so he’s probably right about that. I think we’re both going to be just about where we were the last time we “officially” weighed on January 22. So … we have 3 weeks of wasted time, but whatever. The 2 weeks of traveling and 1 week of laziness at home have been worth stalled weight loss.


We went grocery shopping last weekend when we got home and I bought a box of cereal and a bag of mini-bagels – and I have to admit to buying a few Lean Cuisine frozen things to eat during times of crisis.

Turns out I can’t do it. I’ve apparently so thoroughly trained myself to eat differently that I almost couldn’t even eat the frozen stuff. I’m not sure how I EVER ate frozen meals.

Never again.

I eat junk (cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, meals out, etc.) – for sure – but I try to choose at least somewhat highish quality stuff. And I know that it’s not actual nourishment – I know I’m eating it for it’s junk/fun value and that’s it.

I’m apparently not capable of eating junk as a meal anymore. And cereal for breakfast? I’d forgotten that it leads to hunger 15 MINUTES LATER.