This is our last night in Germany – heading home tomorrow. I’m ready. I’m ready for my routine, my dog, my regular food, my regular exercise, my tv, my stable internet connection, my bed, etc. I’ve hit the wall. Feeling homesick.

We went into a town called Pforzheim last night for dinner. Almost everything was closed – everything in the smaller towns seems to close VERY early – but we found a Greek place that was open. We couldn’t communicate with the staff at all, and they had no menus we could read … so we pointed and ate what we got.

I understood gyro, so that’s what I pointed to.

I recognized the term “musaka” from My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Jon got that.

They also brought us some Ouzo.

I wanted dessert, but every bakery we saw on the way to the restaurant was closed by the time we finished dinner, so we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some stuff to take back to our room.

Lest anyone think I’M the only one to do it:

Today has sort of sucked. Overall, it’s been good – not much going on – but I have freakin’ hives, I think. I woke up sometime during the night itching and it’s just progressively gotten worse throughout the day – to the point that my upper body is almost covered (minus my face).

This is how it started:

We went to a pharmacy looking for benadryl, but were told that it’s “old fashioned.” I wound up with something – I don’t know. It’s not really doing much.

I have no idea what’s going on. It’s either hives and/or I’m having an allergic reaction to something.

Breakfast was typical at the hotel. Jon had to work in the AM, but we walked around some afterward before ending up back at the hotel for lunch. I had some sort of vegetarian strudel and Jon had beef.

And FINALLY – some Black Forest cake.

We’re in Stuttgart tonight – near the airport – had Chinese for dinner. I feel itchy and tired and nervous about a long flight feeling so shitty.

It’s been a seriously fabulous trip.