Yesterday was … interesting.

Jon’s company planned a night of sledding – since the weather was “favorable” (snow) – and dinner at the ski hut for everyone. We knew about it in advance, but I had no idea I’d have to step SO FAR out of my comfort zone.

We all carpooled up to the parking lot area and then had to trek through the forest to the ski/sledding area. In the DARK. In what might as well have been a freakin’ BLIZZARD.

We got to the ski area and everyone did their sledding thing while I stood around and froze/talked to a guy who lives and works here in Germany. He tried to talk me into sledding – and it did look like fun – but there was just no way. I am a chicken to the core. I think anybody who knows me well would know there’s no way in hell I’d go barreling down a hill on a sled. Some of them were even running and jumping onto a tube and going down head first!

Jon loved it, of course.

I had a really good time watching everyone – the fun was sort of contagious even though I wasn’t actually sledding – until I stopped being able to feel my toes.

The dinner was wonderful. I had a fabulous time talking and eating and hanging out. Learned a bunch of new German words and phrases. Asked a bunch of questions. Answered questions about America. Ate my first (pork) schnitzel (and was told that I have to try true wiener schnitzel (veal) since this was a poor, though common, substitute) – Jon had goose.

After dinner, we had to make our way back down and back through the forest – and then drive back down, too – all in the dark, snowy night.

I don’t do snow well – this is DEFINITELY the first time I’ve ever found myself trekking through a forest, in the dark, in the snow, fearing hypothermia.

It was scary. Lots of fun, though. I’m glad I did it – and glad I still have all of my toes.

Prior to all of this, Jon worked and I hung out in the hotel room – without internet access since it was temporarily down – and read, watched tv (in German) and napped.

Up today – more working for Jon, reading/working for me and hopefully some Black Forest cake after dinner.