Busy day.

We had breakfast at our hotel before heading to Dachau.


Jon’s (minus the sugar that happened to be on the table).

We went to Dachau to tour the Concentration Camp Memorial Site. We spent right at 4 hours touring the museum and grounds (with the help of an audio guide). I really have no words. Very powerful. I took pictures, but not many – felt disrespectful.

Afterward, we spent a little bit of time walking around the Dachau city center. We hadn’t had lunch since we spent so much time at the memorial site, so we stopped in a small store looking for a snack. I had no idea what this thing was – and didn’t intend to buy anything sweet – but couldn’t resist when I saw this ball of something covered with chocolate at the bakery. We couldn’t communicate with the woman at the counter, so I have no idea. It was marshmallowish, but different.

Jon got something that seemed like it was pecans, honey and ???? Very good.

We headed back to Munich because we’d planned dinner at Hofbraeuhaus. The crowd + the noise + the music + the seat yourself with other people aspect = stress for me at first. It turned out well, though. The people we sat with spoke German only – and we don’t beyond Jon being able to order food/greet people/understand some things – so we couldn’t communicate, but it was fine. It was a lot of fun – definitely worth it.

We ordered some sort of onion soup, turkey with noodles and roast pork with dumplings – and split it all.

We walked around the Marienplatz after dinner – in the snow – before walking back to our hotel. I think it has snowed almost continuously since we arrived. Amazingly enough, I don’t hate it when I’m in a city that doesn’t shut down/handles it. It’s cold, but it’s manageable – except when I can’t see because of the pelting snow.

Now? I’m uploading pictures and going to bed. Have been on my feet – and cold – all day.

Up tomorrow – Salzburg, Austria.