I woke up this morning from a dream that was strange, yet so … I don’t know … indicative of where my mind is right now, maybe?

I was at a buffet type restaurant – something I haven’t been to in ages – with Jon. We sat and waited forever for the waiter to come, but ended up getting food before the person came. The restaurant was loud and dirty and crazy and Jon was agitated because it wasn’t a pleasant place to be. The important part – the only food I sought and saw happened to be brownies, cake, cupcakes, pudding (?) and other sugary desserts that I’ve never seen before – and I was filled with GLEE. I completely filled my plate with that stuff and was ecstatic about it, but I woke up before I ate any of it.

Who the hell DREAMS about SUGAR? I have issues.

I still haven’t figured out an actual strength/weight training schedule yet, but I’m feeling ok with what I’m doing – for now.

Last week I did the C25K jog/walk thing the 3 recommended times, went to pilates twice and did the 30 Day Shred dvd a couple times.

This week – on Tuesday – I did 30 minutes of walking and talking (treadmill – 4.0, incline 2.0) with the friend who invites me to her gym, a 25 minute ab class after that at the same gym, then immediately went and did my regular pilates class elsewhere and THEN jogged/walked for the C25K training. (Yeah, maybe too much back-to-back, but I felt great – and knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything on Wednesday – so why not?)

Tonight, I went to my regular pilates class and then the C25K thing afterward.

Pilates requires push ups and planks and all that, so it’s on the right track strength-wise … it’s just not going to fully cut it.

The 30 Day Shred dvd is great, but I have almost no motivation to do it once I’m home – I’m pretty deeply trained to exercise elsewhere at this point.

I am NOT a fan of the machines at my gym.
Reason #1) I don’t know how to use them.
Reason #2) I am definitely a fan of functional training.
Reason #3) My gym is a university gym, so it would be me and 500 frat boys (which is a little intimidating d/t reason #1).
Reason #4) I don’t like the way they make me hurt. It’s different somehow.

I would love to have a cable machine – and will likely invest in one in the future when I have space to accommodate it. I could use one at the gym, I guess, but reasons #1 and 3 above pretty thoroughly prevent that since the cable machines at the gym are nothing like the one the trainer has (that I’ve used).

I’m thinking kettlebells … except I’m pretty sure I’m going to run into the home exercise aversion problem.

So … I have no idea. Still working on it. For now – pilates, jogging, 30 Day Shred, classes here and there at a gym as I’m invited and MAYBE some kettlebell stuff.

I’m supposed to be on week 4 of the C25K, but I’m repeating week 3 – 2 sets of 90 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking.

The reason I’m repeating: The last 3 minutes of jogging were hard last week and I knew I’d be moving up from jogging 9 minutes to 16 minutes – ALONE, since Jon has been out of town all week. It felt intimidating. I didn’t think I’d have the motivation to do it alone. I was all cocky at first thinking I could skip ahead a few weeks since week 1 was easy. NO FUCKING WAY. This is kicking my butt.

I made a couple of healthy-body resolutions this year that I’ve stuck to – SO FAR.

#1 = supplements. I’ve been taking iron and Vit D each night and I’m pretty amazed at how great I’m feeling. I skipped both for a few days and felt it. Might be placebo – don’t care. I feel great.

#2 = skin care. I’m white as a ghost, redheaded, green-eyed and allergic to sunscreen, so I almost expect skin (cancer) issues of some kind. So … I went to a dermatologist for a check-up. Primary reason – to make sure I’m not dying. Secondary reason – to make sure I won’t die from the utter lack of time and effort I put into my face.

Good news – I will not die if I wash my face with Dial in the shower every morning, if my face is bare every day because I never wear makeup on it OR if I put cheap lotion on my hands and then happen to wipe the excess on the dry parts of my face.

The first time my mom saw me put excess hand lotion on my face she acted as if I was actively wiping acid across my cheeks. Turns out it’s perfectly fine.

I did, however, spend $15 (!!) on “moisturizing lotion” today that will supposedly be better than the cheap stuff I’ve been using. AND, I’ve switched to Dove since Dial is apparently the devil. We’ll see.

I’ve been stressed this week trying to get things done and get due dates met early and all that because we’re going to be traveling for the next couple of weeks. My next C25K jog will (hopefully, weather permitting) be happening in Central Park!