Here’s the issue Jon has with WW: he thinks it means all processed crap, all the time.

I fully admit that’s the way I did it in the beginning. I ate a lot of frozen packaged stuff and resorted mostly to food products with labels I could use to count points. And as I said a few days ago, I have a history of eating at fast food places and losing weight – I understand where he’s coming from.

He hears WW and thinks frozen meals and women in meetings who bake cakes with diet coke. My trainer expressed the same fears when I began with her. For most of the people she’d encountered who used WW as a weight loss method – and admittedly, for ALL I encountered in meetings – a point is a point (or, a calorie is a calorie). Want to eat a pint of ice cream for dinner? Go right ahead – as long as you count the points.

I agree with the premise that deprivation is a bad thing, but I’ve also seen how EASILY that’s manipulated. That, of course, leads to nothing good. Done PROPERLY – with HEALTH in mind – WW can be a good thing.

WW – for me – means portion control, a little less fat and a loosening of the carb situation.

Almost all carbs I eat come from fruit, yogurt and vegetables. I can see that increasing – and I’m probably going to add rice, popcorn (instead of nuts) and more potatoes. Also? I’m going to have to go back to leaner meats, more fish. I won’t fry my eggs in (much) butter. I might go back to low-fat yogurt vs. whole milk. Etc.

I am not planning any other changes. I’m not going back to margarine – I’m just planning to use LESS butter. I’m not going back to bagels for breakfast every day – I’m just planning to be ok with that once in a while. I’m not going back to frozen packaged lunches … and I most definitely won’t be eating cakes made with diet effin’ coke.


We were standing at a counter on Saturday at a market we go to, waiting for the cashier to show up. I happened to be holding a huge hunk of butter – and it just so happened that the cashier and a customer must’ve been having a conversation about what to fry crab cakes in just prior to walking to the counter. The cashier saw the butter and immediately told the woman that THAT is what she should be using. The woman looked at it and looked at me and made this noise like that’s the craziest thing she’d ever heard. The woman: “I think I’ll stick with PAM.”

I have no idea what’s in Pam. It might be fabulous. I know that THAT mentality is NOT what I’m going back to, though.