I weighed this morning: 192.0.

I really just had to effin’ laugh. My body LOVES this weight for some reason.

Not a big deal – I’m not upset. I’m actually pretty pleased that I did no lasting (weight) damage during the holidays. 192 is very common for me – not a bad place to be for now. I sort of expected worse since I’ve recently had a couple of weeks of pure gluttony.


I bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred today, on a whim. I keep hearing about it/reading references to it, so I thought I’d give it shot. I didn’t put much thought into it (meaning didn’t even read the back of the box), so I assumed it would be 30 separate days of 30 different things. Not sure why, because that would be sort of excessive – but I’m surprised that there are just 3 different actual workouts.

I just did level 1 with 8 lb weights. I’ve never done anything like this at home – and generally hate working out to dvds – but I liked it. Very familiar and similar to what I already do with the trainer. Definitely worth 20 minutes a day and $10.


I’ve decided to take a break from the trainer, so I’ve GOT to learn to do this completely on my own (hence the inclination to buy the dvd). I’ve checked out of this huge section of exercise and have put almost zero thought into weight training since I just haven’t had to … but I need to take more control so it’s sustainable for the long haul. Doing it completely on my own is going to require some motivation that I haven’t had to tap into in a long time. I’m scared. Also? I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. The dvd is ok for what it is, but not really what I’m looking for as far as weight training goes. SO FRUSTRATING. I’ve should’ve been learning and writing things down and asking questions instead of moaning and whining and completely checking out.


I think I cursed myself when I said I’d be jogging outside from now on. Today is day 3 of workout week 2 of the C25K thing … and it’s going to happen … just not outside. It snowed yesterday – and never got above freezing today – so the sidewalks are still covered since I live in the south where it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW and STICK AROUND. I guess I could jog in the street, but I’d have to run right down the middle since there’s snow/ice everywhere and I’m just not inclined to do that.

Damn snow. I hope the gym/track isn’t too packed since it’s a Fri night and it’s a college gym. Probably will be, though. Seems there’s this huge segment of college kids who DON’T sit around eating taco bell and drinking beer all night. Who knew?