I’ve been catching up on my google reader today … and I have to say that I’m a little discouraged by all of the fitness or health or weight loss or whatever bloggers who so easily seem to dismiss resolutioners … and even seem to openly deride the people who are jumping on board the weight loss bandwagon right now. My opinion – who gives a shit why anyone starts or what motivates them to start or how long they’ll keep it up or how they’ll go about doing it?

I’m all about doing what it takes. Who cares if it takes 20 years of resolutions – one week of effort beats zero, in my opinion. Sometimes it DOES stick.

Losing weight is really fucking daunting for a lot of people. Way to be supportive.


Jon and I have had a 2009 Goals list hanging on the refrigerator since January of last year (which resembled a long-term to-do list in a lot of ways). I think we accomplished about half, decided some were pointless along the way, and just flat-out blew a few. About normal.

We don’t have a bunch of goals for 2010, primarily because this is the year of Big Changes. Our lives are (potentially) changing in a big way, but there’s tons of uncertainty and loose ends hanging around … so I’m nervous and stressed (in a really good way) and hesitant to make any grand proclamations for the year. I don’t think we’re going to have any goals hanging on the refrigerator because I just don’t know what they would be. Scary, for sure. But exciting – it really excites me to think about January 2011 and know that life will (maybe) be very different.

Big Changes = Big Stress, of course. I don’t know that emotional eating ever completely goes away, really, but I am going to fight like hell. I’m prepared – but seriously? I’m a little nervous.

I started week 2 of the C25K thing yesterday and seriously thought I was going to DIE. I don’t know if it was the fact that I’d already been to the gym earlier in the day and was tired by the time we got around to it, the fact that I’d just eaten dinner, the fact that I was running circles around a track at my (now open!) gym since it was something like 12 degrees outside – which is incredibly effin’ boring, btw, or if it was the fact that I’d spent the day eating about 3000 fewer calories and needed sugar. I don’t know. Whatever it was – the whole thing was unusually HARD. I started whining during the warm-up walk.

I think I’ve been sticking to things that are (relatively) easy (strength training) and things I like (pilates). I haven’t been pushing myself lately because … really … pushing myself = misery. Exercise is not always fun, for sure. I’m generally a fan of cardioish activity, when it’s OVER. Going to have to work hard to remain positive going in.

I want this whole running thing. I know it (probably) won’t always suck. And if it does … well … I’m a big picture person. I can put up with some short-term misery for the long-term benefit.

Still trying to figure out why I started the damn thing now vs. the SUMMER, though. Not my most rational plan ever, but whatever.