Just got home from spending a few days in the mountains. Good news = I managed to complete the first week of the C25K running plan, which puts me one week ahead of all previous efforts. Bad news = I am in need of some serious detoxing.

We were the first to arrive at the cabin on Wednesday afternoon since we live in the general area, so Jon made a dinner that was eaten in shifts as everyone arrived – chili and cornbread.

Breakfast on NYE – made by Jon’s mom = french toast and sausage.

Lunch – sandwich and leftover chili.

Dinner – country fried steak, rice + gravy, steamed green beans and broccoli – also courtesy of Jon’s mom.

We sat around playing games and eating that night. I was asleep at midnight – everyone else was watching a movie. There is a suspicious lack of pictures of the copious amounts of fudge and cupcakes I consumed – must’ve been feeling guilty.

New Year’s Day = more really good food made by Jon’s mom. Lunch was homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and dinner was ham, blackeyed peas, greens, squash casserole and apple salad.

Plus brownies before bed. I did day 3 of the C25K that afternoon, so I might’ve felt marginally justified in having two.

We ate a bunch of leftover stuff yesterday. Ham, eggs and toast for breakfast. Ham and pimento cheese for lunch.

By dinner, though, Jon’s family had left and we were a little tired of ham … and some friends arrived, so we made pizzas. Jon made the dough for the crust, but everyone decorated.

I ate a cookie that Jon’s brother left behind.

Our friends very kindly cooked breakfast this morning before we all left and drove home.

Really, really good few days. We saw some snow, took naps, watched some movies, played some games, and hung out enjoying the company.

Other than the one day of C25K jogging, Jon (and his son) did some arm wrestling … and we watched a pilates dvd. That has to count for something, right?

Good thing I have nothing major to do for the next week – I’m going to DIE trying to get all of this crap/sugar out of my system.

Seriously. I’m worried.