I am SO over food right now.

The party #2 went well on Wednesday. We drove home Thursday. We spent Christmas sitting around in our pajamas before going to Chinese + Avatar. Fabulous day/week, for sure.

We brought home tons of leftover food in a cooler even though we practically forced people to take food with them from each dinner party … so Jon’s been trying to re-purpose it all. Tonight he made a soup or stew or something with the leftover turkey, a box of fresh spinach, a couple sweet potatoes, an onion, lentils and some chicken broth. It didn’t look all that appetizing, but it was fabulous, of course.

I also managed to finish off about half a pecan pie – and never want to see another one as long as I live.

I have NEVER been so ready to have my normal life back.

The effing gym isn’t open until January 5, so I’m going to have to do something outside (god forbid, right?) because I am achy and creaky and feeling like my body is revolting from the lack of activity. It’s ridiculous.

Also? I am REALLY cranky when I don’t regularly exercise – coming pretty damn close to hatetheworld crankiness right now. Also ridiculous, but (mostly) (somewhat) NOT MY FAULT.

I need a treadmill. Or a gym that doesn’t close for weeks at a time. Or some motivation to run outside and risk death by huge dog. Or something.