Well, party number 1 was successful – but I think this might be a yoga pants day.

I got a little bit of exercise yesterday prior to the party, but not enough to make a dent in the damage I’m doing, I’m sure. Had to go to my mom’s to walk the dog (the house we’re in isn’t pet friendly) and jogged with him since A) he’d been in a crate for several hours and needed exercise and B) Jon has this game he plays with him where they try to outrun each other. That caused the dog to think I’d be interested in that, too, and prompted him to leap through the air (on his leash) trying to run fast. Felt bad, so I did. In boots.

I waited for my foot to start throbbing, but it never did. I expected to be hobbling this morning, but I’m fine now, too. I’m going to take this as a sign that running should be my not-goal for 2010.

Yesterday’s breakfast was typical – except I added some dry toast because my stomach was rumbling.

I REALLY think, though, that I’m making a mistake eating all of these carbs. I feel it. The low/no carb thing may not be that great for me weight loss wise, but it’s best for my body, for sure.

We didn’t eat lunch. Second day in a row we’ve skipped it – second day in a row I’ve regretted it because I’ve eaten too much when I’ve finally eaten.

All of the pictures I took before/during the party turned out pretty horribly since it was dark and the lighting was bad.

We made a spinach gruyere puff pastry appetizer, except we used swiss instead of gruyere since it was easier to find. It was pretty simple and everyone seemed to like it.

The meat was pork – marinated or covered or whatever in something Jon concocted.

Jon sipped egg nog throughout the day – I have texture issues with it (too thick) and also hate all liquor, so I stuck with water.

Otherwise, we had green bean casserole, squash casserole, yeast rolls, greens, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and coconut cake.

I gave some of the tins we created.

There was a cute baby. And brothers I haven’t seen in ages. And cousins. And a grandmother. And pictures of me that appeared because I gave the camera to my mom.

Very, very good day. On to round 2.