Yesterday was one of those days that I want to remember. I didn’t do anything spectacularly exciting. I didn’t exercise at all. I ate sporadically … and not overly well.

It wasn’t exactly a day to be proud of health-wise, but it was really, really good.

I woke up (at a hotel since we’d made it to Memphis the night before) to a very familiar scene – Jon reading/working/doing something on his computer.

I got ready and prayed my jeans would fit since I felt like I weighed 500 pounds after eating gingerbread cookies the entire 6 hour drive the day before – and was honestly a little surprised that they zipped. I am having a somewhat hard time distinguishing between psychological weight gain and ACTUAL weight gain – still have this fear that one or two cookies too many will cause some enormous weight gain. I felt actual surprise that I didn’t have to wear my (stretchy) yoga pants. Crazy, I know.

(I’m leaning against the wall. I thought about doing some squats as I did it since I was just killing time – that totally surprised me, too. Didn’t expect random healthier thoughts to ever show up. Usually food/eating is what pops into my mind when I need to kill some time.)

Jon ate fudge for pre-breakfast and tried to push it on me, but I passed it up since I was still feeling pretty happy my pants miraculously zipped.

We met my mom – who is keeping the dog for us while we’re here, but who we can’t actually drive to see because she lives/works on a military base and I forgot my car registration, which YES I know belongs in my car, so we can’t get a base pass, so we have to meet her outside the gate all week to be driven in to the walk the dog, which is a pain in the ass. ANYWAY, we ate breakfast with her at a chain place – some sort of eggs benedict thing with ham on an english muffin, fruit and potatoes.

The rest of the morning/afternoon is a blur of checking in to the house we’ve rented for our parties, massive grocery shopping, cooking/prepping, and hanging out.

My dad called just as Jon was putting dinner in the oven, so we invited them to come hang out with us and have dinner – baked chicken, baked potatoes, steamed spinach, blackeyed peas, and a little bit of the cornbread leftover from the dressing we’d prepared earlier.

(dad and step-mother)

(mom and Jon)

The house we’ve rented is freakin’ adorable. It’s military/gov’t owned somehow, so it’s super cheap. We’ve done this a few times before – rent someone’s house vs. staying in a hotel – typically via HomeAway or VRBO. I definitely recommend it.

Good day. I’m very lucky.

Right now? I’m supposed to be cooking. Instead, I’m finding any way possible to procrastinate.