I’ve been thinking a lot about my progress today … or lack thereof.

I started 2008 at 272.
I started 2009 at 216.
Realistically, I’ll be starting 2010 pretty close to 190.

So I lost 56 pounds the first year … and just 26 the second.

I WANT TO SET SOME GOALS when I think about it too much. But I can’t. It just doesn’t work.

I’m not prepared for it to take a whole complete additional YEAR to make it to my 170 goal, but I think I’ll be ok if it does. I am SO ready to be done, but yet not – this is not the final stopping place.

I’m not dwelling on it too much right now, though – just a little since a new year is rapidly approaching – because I am ridiculously excited about the holidays!

Jon and I are hosting two dinner parties this year – several hundred miles from our current home. We’d typically just go to dinners or parties given by my mom and dad/grandmother while in town, but my mom doesn’t have a house there anymore since (partially) relocating to Key West – and our schedule is strange since we have to be home on Christmas and will miss my dad/grandmother’s thing – so we’ve rented a place and have invited everyone to come to us. (Long/confusing enough sentence?)

We’ve got lists of stuff to cook, stuff to pack, stuff to make at home ahead of time, stuff we can’t forget, etc. – and I CAN’T effing WAIT.

Jon’s doing most of the cooking, of course, but we created menus that are similar/easy enough that we should be able to pull off two dinners in two days with minimal stress. Honestly – I feel no stress – I’m just excited to see everyone and am feeling very fortunate we’re able to do this. I’m thinking we can always order pizza if a cooking catastrophe happens, right?

My last session with the trainer and my last pilates class for the year are both happening today since we have so much upcoming traveling craziness. I’m really not feeling like I’m going to dwell on exercise or the lack of exercise or on the food I’m inevitably going to eat or on the few extra pounds I’m inevitably going to gain while we’re away. I’m thinking I’m going to take it day by day, meal by meal and just BE. A couple of larger than normal holiday dinners aren’t going to make a true difference and I know that. They might contribute to it taking another YEAR to lose 20 pounds, but I won’t wind up back at 272 and I know that, too.