Jon is home and I discovered today that I weigh less than him for the first time EVER.

We’ve had this competition of sorts going since we started this almost two years (!) ago – one that I’ve ALWAYS lost because I’ve never been able to make it lower than him.

I know it won’t last past tomorrow given my propensity to gain if I even look at food … and given his ability to go for a run and lose 10 pounds in a day, but I did it once – finally!

We’ve been very lazy today. Jon’s tired, of course, and I’m perfectly happy to sit around doing nothing with him. We were up at 5:30AM (crazy, I know), so we went out to breakfast very early – cracker barrel. I ate eggs and bacon and biscuits.

We picked up stuff for homemade nachos for lunch at some point mid-day – chips, pepperjack cheese, olives, jalapeños, homemade guacamole, fage yogurt, tomatoes and lettuce.

We didn’t eat dinner because the breakfast and nachos were heavy and we were going to a party where I knew there would be food (if needed). I was feeling bloated and fat and just uncomfortable all afternoon/night due to the junk and didn’t plan to eat anything at the party, but I did. Mostly the sweet stuff – some homemade tiramisu, one meatball, a couple chips with a dip and most of a cupcake.

Our (very easy) contribution to the party:

Jon brought some food – well, actually all liquid, now that I think about it – stuff home from Brazil:

(Yes, DISGUSTING. I had to spit it back in the glass. He seems to really like it. Freak.)

Jon travels a lot – around 50% of the time – life doesn’t end. This trip was LONG, though. I’m good with a few days, can handle a full week – anything longer? I get antsy. I realized today as I heard him whistling Christmas songs in the shower that I miss so much when he’s gone. I’m incredibly happy he’s home.