I weighed yesterday (Friday) and recorded an “official weight.” 188.5. Counting WW points has been extremely helpful, obviously.

I’ve broken past 190 before – briefly – I’m REALLY hoping to not go back up this time.

I wasn’t TOO excited about it yesterday – and am actually surprised that I even remembered that I wanted to do a Friday weight again – because I had a really bad night on Thursday/bad morning yesterday.

I went to bed feeling great. I woke up sometime around 2 with a stomachache, though, and passed out at some point on the way to the bathroom? kitchen? I’m not really sure why I was out of bed. I woke up on the (hardwood, no rug!) floor, but didn’t really realize that I’d passed out until the next morning because I was VERY groggy and out-of-it.

My chin took the brunt of it.

I felt horrible yesterday. Seriously jacked up my jaw, of course. Have a few cuts on my hand … and some random bruises on my shoulder, a knee and one of my hands.

I have no idea why I passed out. I went to the doctor yesterday – nothing’s broken – just hurts. I can chew today, so whatever – it’ll be fine.

My head is still killing me, though.

I was pretty freaked out since I was home alone and had all sorts of visions of passing out in the bathroom and drowning in the toilet or something … so I called my mom and cried and she got in her car and drove out here. She was planning to come spend the weekend with me, anyway – just didn’t plan for me to be a sick whiny baby the whole time.

The dog’s very happy she’s here, too.

I exercised a total of three hours on Thursday – about an hour of (lowish level) cardio at the gym that morning, about an hour of pilates that night, and an hour of weight stuff with the trainer. All different things – and all broken up. I know 3 hours is probably too much for one day, but it just worked out that way since I had a random day off – and I felt great that day/night before bed. I don’t think this contributed to the passing out since that happened many hours later, but I wonder?

I think my blood pressure was likely low – it’s generally low at any given time – so I’m thinking I must’ve jumped out of bed too quickly.

Who knows? I’m going to be careful working out for the next few days, though.

We’re hanging out this weekend – maybe a little shopping – but that’s it. Primarily because I still feel kinda crappy, somewhat because it’s just a good weekend to sit around watching movies.

I think my roses have had it.