I’m here to say three things.

(1) I left school today and drove to Target with plans to pick up an electric blanket – because it’s suddenly FREEZING here and I can’t take it. Instead, I spent quite a bit of time walking up and down the candy/chocolate aisle looking at my options and trying to decide if I wanted one butterfinger – or a whole bag of small ones. Or if I wanted the caramel filled Lindt’s – or the peanut butter. Or all.

Surprisingly, I told myself the entire time that I was hungry and tired, not in the life-threatening situation that required chocolate that I’d convinced myself I was in … and I left with none of it.

Although it’s obviously diminishing, I sometimes wonder if this sort of this will go away – this obsessive need to use food to make myself feel better? happy? nothing? I have control and I’m aware. It’s just irritating.

(2) I’ve apparently LOST weight since I weighed before Thanksgiving. Not much – currently 190 vs. 192ish – but I did no (weight) damage with the heavier meals.

(3) I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. And SO STUPID for CHOOSING to stay home.

His facebook caption: Drinking a coconut water after a 40 minute run in Ribeirao Preto. Nature’s gatorade. Just punch a hole in the coconut and pop in a straw. Yum!

I miss him.