I’ve been in a marginally better mood today.

I spent the morning taking care of some last minute school stuff that I needed to finalize … and spent the afternoon rearranging furniture and cleaning (while watching/listening to some show on Discovery Health – I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. All I can say is OH. MY. GOD.)

I woke up this morning feeling the urge for some change, so I gave in to it this afternoon and switched our office with our bedroom. This happens sometimes – an overwhelming need for change. Sometimes I cut my hair off. Sometimes I move across a state. Sometimes I just need to put my bed in a different room.

It was all a huge pain in the ass, of course, but it was fun. I spent most of the time cleaning up dust and sweeping and mopping and was pretty appalled at how much dust/debri had gathered under everything until I realized it’s likely been 2 years since any of the furniture has been moved. Lesson learned – apparently I need to rearrange things more often.

I’m feeling it tonight – especially my back – so I’m thinking the day wasn’t a total waste movement-wise.

I counted WW points today. I don’t remember the individual points for everything, but I know my total for the day = 29. My older info says I should keep them in the range of 22-27, but I think the newer info determines an exact number. Don’t really care since I’m not doing this religiously, but either way – I’m hungry. Not sure how I’m going to do 22-27 without starving – especially on days that I’m with the trainer or otherwise actually exercise – but we’ll see.

Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with onion and bell pepper – salsa on top:

Lunch started as popcorn and green tea:

And ended about 3 hours later with a salad that = spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, radish slices, carrots, cucumber slices, 1 T oil and a little bit of parmesan cheese :

Dinner tonight was a turkey burger with provolone cheese and spicy brown mustard (cut into pieces because I am a FREAK about pink meat who never cooks/has no idea what I’m doing, so I have to cut it to check to make sure there’s zero pinkness) and yogurt + half a banana + 3 strawberries:

And lots of water. I’ve been very thirsty today.

I cut and brought some roses in this morning- a definite mood booster. I thought they’d be the last, but there are more ready to bloom. I am LOVING the weather.