Today has just sucked.

I woke up very early with heartburn – again. My pants were too tight, which resulted in me driving home from ATL with them unbuttoned. Jon left today for Brazil – for several WEEKS. I had no groceries when I got home … AND I discovered that my GD gym is closed today and won’t open until 5PM tomorrow.

I ran to the grocery store and bought something frozen that I could cook for dinner in less than 5 minutes, put my pajamas on, and have been doing nothing but sitting on the couch with the dog – which is great, but not ideal given my sadness re: Jon and irritation re: heartburn and unbuttoned pants. Yes, I COULD take a walk around my neighborhood or something like that, but I’ve chosen to bitch about everything instead.

Jon’s mom made breakfast for us before we left this morning – fried eggs, yogurt/fruit and a little bit of cheese.

I ate lunch in the car on the way home – smoked almonds (too salty) and a turkey breast sandwich w/spicy brown mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion, olives and bell pepper. I was extremely hesitant to buy this, but the world hasn’t ended from a couple (very) carb heavy days here and there, so I decided it probably wouldn’t end today, either.

My fast dinner? A frozen burrito. Experienced some hesitance here, too, but WTF at this point, right?

Yogurt, strawberries and a large T of PB.

And milk.

Who knows where that came from? I can’t even remember the last time we bought milk for anything other than yogurt production. Strange craving.

I’m disappointed about the gym since I was hoping to at least be able to get up early in the AM and get it over with. Guess not.

I’m not at all disappointed in myself for making some poor food choices recently. That battle – the one where you/I eat something “bad” and then beat yourself/myself up – seems to be over, thank GOD.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be all chipper and positive. Today? My stomach hurts, my pants don’t fit, and my husband is thousands of miles away.

And really, who am I kidding – chipper?