So, I’m right back down to 191. I can eat until I’m sick. Can exercise until I’m exhausted. Just can’t get past it – either way.

I’m not complaining, much. I’m happy where I am. I’m wearing a size 12 – something I haven’t done since I was in high school. I’m eating a diet that works for me and helps me feel great. I’m still reverting back to almost daily exercise when I’m not in the midst of high stress/long hours away from home. I’m good. I’ve had way more success than I ever planned.

I just definitely feel as if I’m not done.

The drama on The Biggest Loser is almost too much for me to handle on any given night (depending on how much I’ve already dealt with all day long), but there’s no doubt that it’s inspiring. I saw the last girl who was voted off – Rebecca – on the Today show this morning. Have to say … after I had my “Ican’tbelieveshedidthisWHYisittakingmesoLONG” moment … she (her appearance/success) totally motivated me to keep going … (at least for today).

I CAN do this. I CAN make it past the low 190’s. It’s not rocket science. This is a battle that is just pissing me off.

Anyway, I’m excited about Thanksgiving. I like food. I like people. I like eating food with people. It’s absolutely my favorite holiday. It’s ONE day. One day of heavy eating is nothing (for me).

I’d like to do a race/walk of some kind that morning, but Jon wants to cook (with his mom) and I am NOT discouraging that, so I’d be on my own. Not a big deal, but I wonder if it would be weird/boring/depressing to go alone?