I’m eating my way through Boston this weekend.

Jon has been here working, so I flew up on Thursday to hang out with him.

A few things of note have happened:

(1) I ate a sandwich at the ATL airport that was 691 (!!!) calories and 84g (!!!) carbs. One chicken salad SANDWICH.

(2) For some reason, I thought bringing a coat to BOSTON in NOVEMBER would be too much trouble. So I didn’t bring one. And I froze Thursday night. Good thing about the NE – LL Bean IRL. I bought a MEDIUM coat. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a medium anything. I really try hard not to care about stuff like that, but I spent many years not being able to walk into a store and just shop. It’s still a big deal. I’m kind of glad I’m a dumbass – love the coat – good thing since it’s COLD and windy (and now rainy).

(3) I’d never had a Dunkin’ Donuts donut until yesterday. They’re everywhere.

(4) We happened to show up at a visitors center right as a Freedom Trail walking tour was starting – so we did it. 90 minutes of history, but not much walking. It was fun.

(5) I just don’t like lobster. We ate at Durgin-Park at the end of the tour because we wanted heat and food quickly, pretty much in that order. I tried once again to eat lobster – lobster roll this time, thinking the mayo would help – but I just can’t do it. I ended up switching with Jon and eating his baked macaroni and cheese. We had some chowder, too.

(5) Public transportation is a great way to encourage exercise – especially if you get lost at the end of a full day of walking. I think I walked 100 miles yesterday, 50 of those being around Harvard Square last night looking for our effin’ bus stop. (Using the GPS on Jon’s phone!) We finally gave up and just got back on the train. My feet/legs are killing me today.

(6) Pizza is a great way to end a day.