I weighed last Friday. Same. I’ve decided to be happy about that.

As I see it, I’ll have to work on 3 pretty large issues to see weight change:

(1) Stop eating out every other night.

(2) Get over myself and walk to the gym.

(3) Count something – calories, WW points, SOMETHING.

This is the problem – Jon and I are bad for each other. When we’re both motivated, we’re MOTIVATED. When we’re not – or when one of is starting to lack some motivation – it’s all downhill.

He hurt his back and can’t really do anything but run. I can’t run because of my foot. My schedule is INSANE. He travels all the damn time. We both really like eating out (and very easily fall into that pattern when we’re busy). He doesn’t like to go to the gym at night. I don’t like to get up at 4AM. We like to spend as much time together as possible when he’s home. Etc.

We’re unmotivated right now.

All the healthier habits I’ve taught myself throughout the past couple of years have paid off, for sure. I’m not gaining. I’m (mostly) not eating shit every day. I’m still working out with the trainer and at least think about working out alone most days.

This has been a joint thing since the beginning – still is – we’ve BOTH got to get it together and we’re just not.

I was dumping pictures from my camera and found a couple from the weekend. That’s it. Two meals. I can’t really remember, but I think it’s safe to assume that all other meals consisted of ice cream, homemade apple pie or Mexican food.

We had brats and homemade sauerkraut for breakfast on Saturday. I swore I wasn’t going to eat the homemade sauerkraut and risk death, but it’s not so bad. Not dead yet, anyway.

Jon made beef stew on Sunday.

I don’t know about yesterday – it’s a blur. Tonight? I was on my own for dinner – a salad that consisted of mixed greens, red onion, mushrooms, blue cheese, green olives and rosemary/lemon dressing + a turkey burger with swiss cheese on top + spicy brown mustard + green beans from a can. Not sure what’s going on, but I was apparently craving some really strong flavors.

I worked out with the trainer at 6 this morning and am going back tomorrow. I am committed to doing some cardio tomorrow, too.


On a completely unrelated topic, I just opened skype for the first time in a really long time – apparently since 2007 – and have been reading all of the text conversations that happened during some of Jon’s various overseas trips. This is the text/IM conversation that cracks me up the most and that very adequately describes my personality vs. Jon’s:

Me: I HAVE A CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: A SLUG came in one of the boxes and now it’s on the floor!!!!
Me: I can’t touch it!!!!!!!!!!
Jon: …. Use a napkin

I’m really not kidding when I say he’s a patient saint.