Ok. I can do this. I know how to do this.

I was reminded of that today when someone I’ve known for a while – someone who knew me at my heaviest – asked me for advice about weight loss.

I was surprised.

I feel so incredibly far from my goal most of the time and so out of shape almost every day. I feel as if I’m never doing enough. (Which is admittedly a whole different issue.)

I really don’t feel as if I’m in any position to give other people advice about healthier living – yet I get asked a lot (although quite a bit less than as I was actively losing large chunks). I DO know how to do it. I do it. I’ve done enough to lose 80ish pounds. I’m doing enough to at least maintain that.

I have some sort of all or nothing mindset going on and I don’t think it’s doing me any favors.

Breakfast this morning was simple and quick. Primarily, it was a hard boiled egg. I also rolled up a piece of some sort of herb chicken, a slice of swiss cheese and some spicy mustard.

Jon cooked some italian sausage, onions and mushrooms for our lunches today, which he put on top of some spinach. I heated it up in a microwave and somewhat cooked the spinach – was good.

I also brought along an orange.

And some nuts.

I had a really long day. I went straight from a class to working out and then straight home to eat dinner that I really enjoyed because I was STARVING.

I did an hour of pilates and an hour of training tonight and am not going to be able to move tomorrow.