So … I googled “zone diet” after thinking more about it this morning and wound up on some website – promptly clicked right the hell back out. Please be assured that when I say I’m trying the zone thing, what I’m really saying is I’m going to attempt to use this block method I learned about last night as an easier way of controlling my portions.

Basically, I’ll break everything down into protein, fat or carb blocks (not far from what I’ve already been doing) and use a chart I was provided to determine what = a block. So … I’ll essentially just use a handout to know 1 oz of chicken breast = 1 block.

The blocks are designated according to body size. I’m going with “medium female” even though I doubt I’ll ever be a “medium female” given my height (5’10”), but what the hell? My blocks are 3 (of each protein, fat and carb) for breakfast, 3 for lunch, 3 for dinner and 2 total for snacks.

I thought about trying to figure out what that will look like calorie-wise, but I’m way too lazy for that. I don’t think I’ll have a problem but I’m going to monitor the carb consumption. I haven’t thought ahead enough to really know for sure what these blocks are going to look like … and I’m not wanting to exceed 100g each day … so we’ll see.

I didn’t keep up with the block thing today as I ate and I’m too tired tonight. So … uhhh … tomorrow.

Breakfast = scrambled (in butter) eggs w/mushrooms and half of the apple I didn’t finish yesterday.

I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the day because I was very focused on other things, so I ate just yogurt and fruit for lunch (with a couple squares of melted chocolate on top) … and some cheese.

I ate some nuts around 4PM.

Jon was standing in the kitchen tonight about to make dinner (chili) when an old friend/former co-worker of his called as he was driving through town and asked us to dinner – so we went. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to appear to be a freak. I had asiago cheese bisque and a baked potato with chili, cheese and jalapeños. It really wasn’t worth pushing me well over 100g carbs, but it was ok.

I’m on fall break right now … this wonderful thing that should be allowing freedom and joy and all that … but in reality is packed full of things I haven’t had time to accomplish earlier. I really have no business thinking so much about food monitoring, but it happens. Also happening that shouldn’t be happening? Shopping. To replace everything we own.

We have an absolute obscene amount of clothes to do something with. Every article of clothing we’ve ever owned prior to right now just doesn’t fit either of us. I have almost brand new stuff I bought as I was losing weight that I’ve worn maybe twice – too big. I am probably going to donate all of it, but I’ve hesitated until now ONLY because of the expense related to replacing it all.

I’ve had a yard sale exactly once in my life and I hated it. I keep bugging Jon to do it again, but only halfheartedly because the thought of dragging all of our crap out onto the driveway to have people pick through it and then haggle with me about MONEY? Not my thing. I swear “Oh, you can just have it” came out of my mouth more times than a dollar amount did.

I don’t know what to do with it all. I guess I could haul it all to a resale place, but I definitely wonder if it’s worth it.

I am NOT interested in keeping any of it just in case, for sure. I had some issues with that in the beginning, but I’m 100% comfortable letting go of my bigger clothes. Keeping it all around just sort of seems that I’m anticipating failure at some point – don’t want that.